‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ Episode 15 Preview Released

vanitas no karte featured

The Case Study of Vanitas episode 15 preview just got released on the official website and it seems like the following episode will be focused on the mysterious vampires: Chloé and Jean-Jacques. The backstory will be uncovered which will answer the mystery regarding the beast of Gévaudan and Naenia’s involvement in all this. The episode will be titled as, “Oiseau et ciel — The d’Apchiers’ Vampire

The official website released 5 images and a teaser trailer for the upcoming episode with a short description:

Noe gets angry again when he faces Nenia, but Chloe puts the place in place.
Seeing Chloe, who has a connection with Nenia, Noe thinks about herself, but finds out that it is the relationship that Chloe himself wanted.

The episode will be released on Friday, January 28 and will be available to watch on Crunhyroll, Funimaton and Bilibili, you can see the preview video below:

The Case Stuydy of Vanitas anime is based off a manga series, written and illustrated by Jun Mozuchi and covers the story of a Vampire Noe Archivist who is on a journey to cure every vampire bearing the curse, the series also has a stageplay adaption and is currently being animated by Studio BONES.

Source: The Case Study of Vanitas Official Website

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