‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ Episode 16 Preview Released

Vanitas episode 16

The Case Study of Vanitas episode 16 preview just got released! The last week’s episode focused around the mysterious vampires Chloé and Jean-Jacques where Chloé d’Apchier made a wish and activated her alteration Engine. the upcoming episode is titled as “Chasse aux vampires— The Beast.”

The official website of the series released 5 images and a teaser trailer for the upcoming episode was a short description:

Vanitas arrives at the castle with Jeanne, realising that the whole forest is a closed world created by a curse.
At that time, Noe was made to drink the blood of Jean-Jacques while he was unable to move with medicine, and he saw his memory.
Emotions synchronize and suffer Noe. Vanitas grabbed the hand that stretched out unintentionally.


‘The Case Study of Vanitas’ Episode 15 Preview Released

The upcoming episode will be released on Friday, February 4th in Japan. The subtitled version of the episode will be available soon after that on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Bilibili.

See the teaser trailer of the series below:

The Case Stuydy of Vanitas anime is based off a manga series, written and illustrated by Jun Mozuchi and covers the story of a Vampire Noe Archivist who is on a journey to cure every vampire bearing the curse, the series also has a stageplay adaption and is currently being animated by Studio BONES.

Source: The Case Study of Vanitas Official Website

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