‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’ Ending Explained: Is The Worst Yet To Come After Stingy Jack?

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With Halloween around the corner, there has been a high saturation of scary movies to put the public in the spooky spirit. Considering the number of bone-chilling movies streaming, ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’ is a fun addition to the ensemble. It caters to teens who are trying to break into the horror scene but aren’t ready to take part in the stomach-churning horror that adult movies display.

Although the movie was made to add quantity to the spooky catalog, it contains really good special effects. So good that it made me wonder what audience it was targeted at. A family-friendly movie with a horrific clown chasing kids with an axe is not the way to go. Despite its flaws, the movie delivers fun and predictable wholesomeness.

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Directed by Jeff Wadlow, Netflix’s ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’ follows a family (Howard, Emily, and their daughter, Sydney) and their move to a small town that takes Halloween a bit too seriously (i wonder what Christmas would look like in Bridge Hollow). Sydney mistakenly releases a scheming spirit, Stingy Jack, that brings Halloween decorations to life. They would have to stop Stingy Jack and save the town before it’s too late.


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Howard, played by Marlon Wayans, and Sydney, played by Stranger Things Priah Ferguson, will have to survive zombies, spiders, clowns with axes, and a whole bunch of reanimated Halloween decorations and save their town from destruction in the hands of Stingy Jack.

Who is Stingy Jack?

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According to Legend, Jack was a wicked man who lived in Bridge Hollow. The villagers, fed up with Jack and his wicked ways, killed him. While in hell, the devil made him a lamp, a pumpkin carved out with the flames from hell, and with this lamp, Jack can return to earth every Halloween but can’t stay past midnight.

Every time he came to earth, he would terrorize the villagers. This went on for hundreds of years. In 1927, Mrs. Hawthorn gathered a coven of powerful witches to get rid of the spirit of Stingy Jack once and for all. After he is conjured, Jack finds a loophole that enables him to stay on earth by replacing his soul in hell with another.

Why does Howard hate Halloween so much?

During a father daughter moment between Howard and Sydney, we get to find out that during the Halloween of 1985, young Howard was dared by his friends to go into an abandoned building while trick-or-treating. Unknown to him, there were skeletons reanimated by Stingy Jack in the basement, and unfortunately, he fell through the floorboards and witnessed an event that would change his life forever.

In school the next day, he was convinced by his Science teacher that he was hallucinating. This led to his obsession with science and hatred for Halloween.

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Who brought Jack to life?

After Sydney finds out that their new house is Mrs. Hawthorn’s former residence, she takes it upon herself to reach out to the ghost of Mrs. Hawthorn. Using an ouija board she downloaded on her phone, she is led by a ghost who she thinks is Mrs. Hawthorn. The device leads her to the attic where she discovers an old box with a jack-o-lantern in it. Innocently, Sydney lights the lantern, releasing the spirit of Stingy Jack.

How was Stingy Jack defeated?

As time runs out, Howard, Sydney, the Principal, and Sydney’s new friends conjure the ghost of Mrs. Hawthorn and learn about the spell that will stop Jack. At the Halloween carnival, the town’s residents are terrorized by the Halloween decorations.

At home, Emily is attacked by one of Stingy Jack’s monsters. Howard will have to put his feelings about Halloween aside to cast the spell that would not only make safe his wife but the entire town from ‘Stingy Jack.

Will there be a ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2?’

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The movie ends with a fun and hilarious note after Howard and Sydney find a planked-up room with more boxes. Is Netflix hinting at a sequel? Oh well, we’d have to wait till the next spooky season to draw conclusions.

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