‘The Family Plan’ Trailer Out Now: Mark Wahlberg Juggles Dad Duties and Assassin Past

The Family Plan

Apple TV+ has just dropped a trailer that’s catching everyone’s attention. It’s for their new comedy film, ‘The Family Plan’. Mark Wahlberg is in the spotlight, swapping his assassin weapons for baby diapers.

Directed by the talented Simon Cellan Jones, this movie is set to hit the screens on Dec. 15. Here’s the scoop: Mark Wahlberg plays Dan Morgan, a regular car salesman. But wait, there’s a twist. He used to be a high-level government assassin! Now, imagine mixing that dangerous past with the chaos of suburban life, and you get a recipe for some hilarious situations.

The story picks up the pace when Dan’s past catches up to him. Enemies are on his tail, and what does he do? He takes his family on an unexpected road trip. Picture this: Dan, his clueless wife (played by the wonderful Michelle Monaghan), their angsty daughter, pro-gamer son, and an adorable baby, all packed in a minivan. Their destination? Las Vegas.


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Now, while on the run, Dan is on a dual mission. He wants to keep his family safe, but he’s also trying to give them an unforgettable vacation. All this while ensuring they never find out about his secret past. Talk about multitasking!

The movie isn’t just about Mark, though. The cast is star-studded. From Zoe Colletti to Ciarán Hinds, the talent is top-notch. David Coggeshall is the brilliant mind behind the script, and it promises loads of laughter.

When Simon Cellan Jones talked about Mark, he had only good things to say. According to him, working with Mark is a breeze. He’s professional, prepared, and super collaborative. Plus, the chemistry between Mark and Michelle? Simply electric.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. Seeing Mark Wahlberg balancing dad duties while evading danger? It’s something you don’t want to miss!

In a nutshell, “The Family Plan” is shaping up to be a hit. A dad, an assassin, and a road trip – what more could you ask for? Don’t miss it this December.

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