The Finale of The Mandalorian’s Second Season Redeemed a Complete Star Wars

The Finale of The Mandalorian's Second Season Redeemed a Complete Star Wars

In the second season, Mandalorian used all potential and obvious connections with the Star Wars universe, whether it was a film trilogy, an animated series, or even a game. However, the finale of the second season brought the whole story of connection to the maximum.

Yes, the “de-aged” Luke Skywalker appeared in The Mandalorian and cut the entire squad of dark troopers with his green lightsaber. We assumed that Ahsoka would fly in once more to pull the thing out, but when an unidentified X-Wing flew into the cruiser, everyone took off (except for Care, who was expecting a squadron).

The check-out scene reveals that Mark Hamill again played Luke, and his doubler for “below face level” was a certain Max Lloyd Jones.

Not that there were no indications that the legendary Jedi would respond to Grogu’s “call” we saw in Chapter 14. In addition, Ahsoka pointed out earlier that “very few Jedi” remained in the galaxy.

Luke and R2D2 took Grogu after a heartbreaking farewell to Din, and we can assume that Grogu is part of the sad story of Luke’s Jedi Academy, perhaps even the reason why he formed it.

Also, we sincerely hope that Grogu was not part of this story when Ben Solo joined, and … well, we are not going to spoil this beautiful moment.

Of course, there were a few sh*t heads from Twitter who do not know the term “spoiler” and have decided to quickly perform a great urination on the heads of all rational beings:

Impressions can be summed up around one sentence – Dave Filoni and John Favreau managed to “recover” Star Wars from all the clutter in the new trilogy.

Moreover, many have concluded that the Mandalorian, although part of an insanely huge franchise, has regained that “clinical enthusiasm” when first watching old Star Wars movies.

However, there were also negative comments that refer to Lucasfilm’s now pathological need to rejuvenate the characters and make them a bit clumsy.

Hamil has been rejuvenated quite well by the cinematics standards for video games, but as with Leia and Moff Tarkin in Rogue One, it is again too clear that CGI is in question.

One of the rarely smart conclusions circulating on Twitter is that actor Sebastian Stan is eerily similar to the young Mark Hamill, which has now led to the debate that Winter Soldier could easily have “run” with Hamil’s blessing, of course:

After the first enthusiasm, another followed – in the scene after the check-out rush, Boba Fett decided to return to Tatooine and spontaneously take over the palace that was once presided over by Jabba the Hutt. This was followed by the announcement of another Star Wars series (if it is a series) – The Book of Bob Fett.

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