The First Trailer for Netflix’s Series The Last Bus, Kids vs. Robots

The Last Bus Poster

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Netflix has released the first official trailer for the latest sci-fi action series The Last Bus, which focuses on a group of kids facing a robotic apocalypse. The creator and screenwriter of the series is Paul Neafcy, and the directors are Drew Casson, Lawrence Gough, Steve Hughes and Nour Wazzi. Ten episodes of the series were produced by Wildseed Studios (PrankMe).

After embarking on a life-changing trip, a group of wickedly smart students becomes incredible heroes when they have to fight to save humanity from an army of robots.

While the series on the surface is a shamelessly fun sci-fi adventure, it is also a powerful eco-tale about how the younger generation must be empowered to make very different choices from the generation before it when it comes to challenges like environmental breakdown and highly sophisticated artificial intelligence.

Along with the new young talents, the main roles are played by Robert Sheehan (Umbrella Academy, Misfits) and Tom Basden (After Life, Plebs).

The Last Bus on Netflix arrives on April 1st.

While you wait for the show, and in case you haven’t sow it before, we recommend you to watch Misfits. It is an amazing spin on people with unique, superhero-like powers, and the show was stolen by Robert Sheehan’s performance as Nathan.

Check out the trailer for The Last Bus below.

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