The first trailer for “The Many Saints of Newark” is here

The first trailer for "The Many Saints of Newark" is here

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The Sopranos is probably one of the best series in history. The story of neighborhood mobsters and their boss who, in addition to the usual mafia problems, struggles with anxiety and panic attacks has won viewers – and today the “Sopranos” is a series that is watched and commented on.

The role of a bastard who is impossible to stop watching, that is, Tony Soprano, is the life’s work of the late James Gandolfini. Although many wanted a few more episodes of the series, such a scenario did not and will not happen – but it happened, in the form of a film, a sequel to the original title “The Many Saints of Newark”.

Now, we have got a first look at the movie in the form of a trailer you can see below.

The setting is New Jersey – the setting is the year when Tony, along with his associates, begins to build a mafia career. From the trailer, it can be seen that Tony is an extremely intelligent kid (“born to be a leader”) who had the ambition to study but never got to college. Yes, Tony only listens to Dickie – and we find out from the trailer…

Younger versions from a series of familiar characters (eg Paulie) also appear in the film. What is especially interesting about the film “All Saints of the Mafia” is the engagement of Michael Gandolfini for the role of the young Tony Soprano. Yes, he is the son of the late James…

In addition to Gandolfini Jr., the cast is led by Ray Liotta, Vera Farmiga, Jon Berthnal, Billy Magnussen and Alessandro Nivola.

“All Saints of the Mafia” arrives in American cinemas on October 1 – at the same time with the start of screenings in cinemas, the film will be available on the HBO Max platform.

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