The Flintstones returns in the new animated series “Bedrock”

The Flintstones returns in the new animated series "Bedrock"

After years and years of planning and rumors about the relaunch of the animated series The Flintstones, the project has finally started from a standstill!

The original series from Warner Bros. Animation will get its sequel on Fox, and one of the executive producers is Elizabeth Banks, who will lend a voice to the main actress, Wilma Flintstone. One of the producers Lindsay Kerns (DC Super Hero Girls, Trolls: The Beat Goes On) is working on the script for the series.

The new animated series is called Bedrock and is set 20 years after the events from the original series. Fred Flintstone will retire soon, and 20-year-old Wilma has a career of her own. The Stone Age is slowly slipping away before the glorious, new Bronze Age, only the inhabitants of Bedrock will not accept this evolution so easily.

“Long before The Simpsons and Springfield, Griffin and Quahog, Belcher and their burgers on Ocean Avenue were the Flintstones and Bedrock families. Their impact on the animation world is unquestionable, but the idea of ​​fitting them in for today’s audience is certainly a challenge for us at Fox. We’re looking forward to working on it with Warner Bros., Elizabeth and Lindsay. No pressure, really,” said Fox Entertainment entertainment president Michael Thorn.

The Flintstones animated series originally aired between 1960 and 1966 and had six seasons with 166 episodes. It is the first television animated series in prime time and the first animated program to win an Emmy Award for Best Humorous Series. Over the years there have been several attempts at a new version of the series including the Fred & Barney show, The Wilma and Bamm-Bamm Show, several Flintstones television specials (A Man Named Flintstone, Flintstones Kids Special, Yabba Dabba Do, The Flintstones Family and WWE) and two feature films (Flintstones family, Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas).

Seth MacFarlane did a reboot for Fox back in 2011, but the project never came to life so Bedrock is the latest attempt to make Warner Bros. make a modern version of the once adored animated series.

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