Gay Drama ‘The History of Sound,’ Starring Paul Mescal and Josh O’Connor, Won’t Release This Year, Aims for Cannes 2025 Premiere

Gay Drama 'The History of Sound,' Starring Paul Mescal and Josh O'Connor, Won't Release This Year, Aims for Cannes 2025 Premiere

We have recently reported that Ben Shattuck’s short story titled “The History of Sound” would be adapted in the form of a feature film. In case you forgot, the story tells us of a gay romance between two men who fall in love during World War I. The movie, as we have reported, is directed by South African filmmaker Oliver Hermanus, who is known for his LGBTQ+-themed films, and his filmography includes movies such as Shirley Adams (2009), Beauty (Skoonheid) (2011), The Endless River (2015), Moffie (2019), and Living (2022). And while we reported about filming being done, it seems that the movie won’t be released this year, as everyone expected.

We have promised you to report further on this story and we are fulfilling our promise here, as we are going to bring you the latest updates on the movie’s release, coming straight from Hermanus himself, who told us about his plans for the upcoming movie!

Our good friends at AwardsWatch called Hermanus to ask about the movie’s release, as it has been speculated that it might be released this fall when the award season kicks in, but it seems that this won’t be the case, as Hermanus said that we wouldn’t see the movie before this time next year:

“Venice asked for it but it’s not ready. We have a lot of score to create, Paul [Mescal] and Josh [O’Connor] sing in it, and it’s all about sound.”

Source: AwardsWatch

He later confirmed that he is aiming for a Cannes 2025 release, so there will be ample time to deliver a proper film, although we will still have to wait a while before we see it. In case you’re wondering what the movie is going to be about, here is an official synopsis based on the story that inspired the movie:

The haunting title story recalls the journey of two men who meet around a piano in a smoky, dim bar, only to spend a summer walking the Maine woods collecting folk songs in the shadow of the First World War, forever marked by the odyssey. Decades later, in another story, a woman discovers the wax cylinders recorded that fateful summer while cleaning out her new house in Maine. Shattuck’s inventive, exquisite stories transport readers from 1700s Nantucket to the contemporary woods of New Hampshire and beyond–into landscapes both enduring and unmistakably modern. Memories, artifacts, paintings, and journals resurface in surprising and poignant ways among evocative beaches, forests, and orchards, revealing the secrets, misunderstandings, and love that linger across centuries.

Be that as it may, more news is definitely to come, so keep following us for all the updates!

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