"The Lord of the Rings" gets an anime film about Rohan

“The Lord of the Rings” gets an anime film about Rohan

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The movie “The War of the Rohirrim” will tell the story of Helm’s Deep and the king after whom it was named.

The Lord of the Rings gets an animated treatment with the new film The War of the Rohirrim. The stand-alone anime film should target one of the most legendary characters in Middle-earth history, Rohan’s ninth king, Helm Hammerhand.

The film should tell us more about the story of the fort named after King Helm Hammerhand, Helm’s Deep.

The director of the film is Kenji Kamiyama, who started his career as an animator. Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews will do the screenplay, while Oscar winner Phillip Boyens, who worked on the screenplays for the original Lord of the Rings films, will work on this project as a consultant.

Warner Bros. Animation and New Line Cinema reportedly plan to invest a lot in this project, which they want to make and launch as soon as possible. Work on the animation has reportedly already begun and the search has begun for actors to lend their voices in this animated adventure.

For now, there are no details about the potential release date of The War of the Rohirrim, but we expect all the information soon.

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