The Mandalorian: Is the Armorer a Spy? Here’s What We Think


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Episode 7 of The Mandalorian season 3 showed us that the Mandalorians were now ready to return to their home planet and were looking to unite to complete this task. Of course, they didn’t know that Moff Gideon had turned a part of Mandalore into his own personal base of operations. As such, the Mandalorians got caught in an ambush that saw Din Djarin getting captured by the Imperial remnants.

But while we are still waiting for what is next to come in The Mandalorian and what the season finale has in store for us, one of the things that people were quick to wonder about was the Armorer’s actions. Some people have even concluded that there could be a connection between her and Moff Gideon. So, is the Armorer a spy? Well, let’s look at some things that point to the possibility that she could be a spy for Gideon.

Chapter 23 Is Entitled “The Spies”

The seventh episode of The Mandalorian season 3 is entitled “The Spies.” Of course, we already met a spy in the form of Elia Kane, whose actions indicated that she was still loyal to Moff Gideon despite going through the amnesty program of the New Republic. Kane revealed herself as a spy by communicating with Gideon in secret regarding the actions of the Mandalorians.


But there’s a good reason why the episode is entitled “The Spies,” as it is more than possible that more than one spy exists. After all, Moff Gideon would have to have another spy working with the Mandalorians to know their every move and to stay one step ahead of them. And no one would ever suspect the Children of the Watch leader as a spy.

The Armorer Has Always Been Mysterious

Since she was introduced, the Armorer has always been a mysterious character that no one knows anything about. Of course, the Mandalorians of the Children of the Watch are equally mysterious because they can’t show their faces. But we don’t even know the Armorer’s name or where she came from. The only thing that we know is that she is the leader of the tribe and that she is deeply devoted to the Way of the Mandalore.


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In that regard, this enigmatic character may be darker than anyone of us would think, as there’s a possibility that she has been hiding something from the rest of the Mandalorians. We don’t know for certain what her deal is and what she is planning, but there is no doubt that her mysterious aura makes her a prime suspect in terms of a spy that could be hiding among the Mandalorians.

She Abruptly Decided to Tell Bo-Katan to Unite The Mandalorians

When the Armorer found out that Bo-Katan had bathed in the Living Waters and had not removed her helmet since she accepted her into her tribe without question. As such, Kryze spent two episodes keeping her helmet on because she was now part of a very strict and traditional tribe of Mandalorians that treated being a Mandalorian as a religion. And it was during her time with the tribe she told the Armorer about the Mythosaur.

mando bo katan saber

Initially, the Armorer doubted that Bo-Katan may have witnessed the Mythosaur. Still, she changed her tone when she said that Bo-Katan could be the one to unite the different Mandalorian tribes because she saw the Mythosaur. She even allowed Kryze to remove her helmet, to the surprise of the members of the tribe. Of course, there might be a good reason why she wanted Bo-Katan to unite the Mandalorians. After all, when Moff Gideon saw Bo-Katan in episode 7, she thanked Bo-Katan for gathering all of the Mandalorians in one place.

No One Is More Religious Than Her

Throughout the entire series, the actions of the Armorer were guided by her religious and traditional beliefs. She was always very primitive in the way that she spoke and in how she acted as a Mandalorian. She is so traditional that she believes that her people are the true Mandalorians and that all of the other Mandalorians that don’t follow the Way are apostates that have forgotten what it means to be a Mandalorian.

If that’s the case, she must harbor a deep hatred for the other Mandalorians that don’t follow the Way of the Mandalore. She once blamed Bo-Katan for dividing their people and destroying their home planet. As such, taking Bo-Katan into her tribe and allowing her to unite the Mandalorians might be precursors to her plan of taking out all of the “non-believers” by working with Moff Gideon.

Her Actions Were Shady

While we all know that she has always been mysterious and that she changed her mind abruptly regarding the Mythosaur and Bo-Katan’s status as the future leader of the Mandalorians, the Armorer was a lot shadier in the events of episode 7. She accompanied the scouting party down to Mandalore despite her status as the Children of the Watch leader, even though she could have stayed out in space. After that, when she found a convenient reason to leave the planet, she took the first chance, as she wasn’t even there when Gideon’s forces ambushed the Mandalorians.


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In that regard, it is possible that she went down to Mandalore to warn Gideon about the arrival of the Mandalorians. She needed to be down there to communicate with him because the magnetic interference of Mandalore’s atmosphere was jamming all communications from outside the planet. And after she had already told Gideon what Bo-Katan and Din were planning to do, she decided to leave Mandalore and protect herself from the upcoming ambush.

The Death Watch Connection

When the Mandalorians were on their way to the Great Forge in episode 7, one of the surviving Mandalorians asked how the tribe could survive the Great Purge of Mandalore. The Armorer said that she and her people were on the moon of Concordia when the purge happened. Meanwhile, the other survivor asked her if she was Death Watch, and that was when the Armorer said that Death Watch no longer exists because it broke off into many warring factions. She said that she and her people were remnants of Death Watch.

death watch conversation

Death Watch was an extremist group of Mandalorians that fought with the New Mandalorians to bring back the old Mandalorian warrior ways. Pre Vizsla led the members of Death Watch, and Bo-Katan was his second-in-command. However, Death Watch changed drastically when Darth Maul won the Darksaber from Vizsla and became its new leader. Bo-Katan left Death Watch and became the leader of the Nite Owls, all while some of the other former members of Death Watch became part of Maul’s super commandos.

This is probably why the Armorer blamed Bo-Katan for dividing the people of Mandalore. That’s because Kryze was the first to break off from Death Watch when Darth Maul took over the group’s leadership role. Meanwhile, other members of Death Watch remained loyal to Maul because Mandalorian traditions dictated that he was their leader.

We know that Darth Maul is already dead because he saw his demise at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi in their final duel in Star Wars: Rebels. But we can’t help but deny that the Armorer and Moff Gideon wear helmets that are oddly similar to Darth Maul’s horned head and the helmets that the members of Maul’s super commandos wore.

horned helmet

That means that there could be a connection between them through Death Watch. We don’t know this for certain, but there’s a good chance that the similarities in their helmets’ design seem too coincidental. And the fact that Death Watch was brought up in the episode even though it no longer exists seems suspicious.

So, Is the Armorer a Spy?

That said, one can easily conclude that the Armorer is a spy and that she betrayed her people to side with Moff Gideon. The clues we mentioned all suggest that she turned her coat. And she may have been in contact with Moff Gideon for as long as possible.


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If she is a traitor, her betrayal may rest on her religious personality and hatred for Bo-Katan’s tribe. As such, she might have decided to allow Kryze to unite the Mandalorians and allow Gideon to kill all she believed had strayed away from the Way.

Nevertheless, nothing is conclusive until we see the season finale events. We can’t say for certain that Armorer is indeed a spy and a traitor to her people until we get to see the truth in the season finale. But of course, we are not saying that she is innocent because she remains a top suspect compared to all of the other Mandalorians that were with Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze.

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