‘The Marvels’ Review: Short and Sweet, and Incredibly Precise

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In a cinematic landscape saturated with lengthy superhero films often burdened by unnecessary scenes, ‘The Marvels’ emerges with pacing tailored to diverse superhero enthusiasts. This may come as a pleasant surprise, considering the movie revolves around three distinct characters. Despite its brisk tempo for a superhero film, ‘The Marvels’ adeptly communicates its premise, ensuring a well-delivered narrative without overlooking crucial elements. Now, let’s delve into our thoughts on ‘The Marvels.’

‘The Marvels’ goes straight to the point

Frequently, superhero movies extend to at least two hours, a duration often deemed sufficient for unfolding character storylines and movie involvement. Yet, opinions vary; some find two hours ample, while others feel it’s too brief for a compelling, well-paced narrative.

Contrary to expectations, ‘The Marvels’ shocked many with its status as the shortest MCU film to date. Clocking in at 105 minutes, it’s seven minutes briefer than ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (2008) and ‘Thor: The Dark World’ (2013). Some may harbor reservations about the quality of shorter MCU movies, but ‘The Marvels,’ at just 1 hour and 45 minutes, defies these concerns.

Surprisingly, the film adeptly dives straight into the narrative without sacrificing essential elements. The storylines of the three main characters and the primary antagonist are well-told, eschewing prolonged monologues and backstories. Notably, time is saved by assuming viewers are already acquainted with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan from previous projects like ‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘WandaVision,’ and ‘Ms. Marvel.’

‘The Marvels’ trio wastes no time delving into action, swiftly addressing the challenges at hand. The pacing, while brisk, ensures a smooth narrative flow, avoiding abrupt developments. However, viewers are cautioned against restroom breaks, as crucial scenes or dialogue may be missed in this tightly woven, time-efficient superhero tale.


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A perfect mix of action and storytelling

Honestly, the film never had a dull moment. There was never a point where it felt like the narrative was dragging or that the audience was losing interest. Each scene in the movie had a clear purpose, whether it was advancing the story or providing entertainment.

From the early moments of the film, the main characters immediately engaged with their Kree adversaries. The swift pace seamlessly integrated with the trio’s frequent power switches, creating an experience where the audience felt they were trying to keep up with the dynamic surroundings—much like Carol, Monica, and Kamala navigating through various locations.

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The character narratives found their place amid the fast-paced action sequences. What set the storytelling apart was its avoidance of dullness or excessive drama. Instead, we could empathize with the characters without feeling overwhelmed by excessive dialogue. Thanks to previous MCU movies and Disney+ series, our understanding of the characters’ backgrounds enriched the viewing experience.

‘The Marvels’ sets up the future perfectly while staying grounded in the present

Another constant in the MCU is the effort to set up future developments, keeping fans intrigued and eager for Marvel Studios’ upcoming ventures. However, many MCU productions tend to overlook the present in their anticipation of the future.

‘The Marvels’ distinguishes itself by skillfully balancing future setup, particularly with the looming ‘Secret Wars’ events and the emergence of the Young Avengers, while staying firmly rooted in the present challenges that Carol and her allies confront. The film also provides concise glimpses into the past, offering insights into the unfolding of current events.


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In essence, ‘The Marvels’ refrains from rushing ahead with an abundance of cameos and post-credit scenes. Instead, it focuses on the unfolding events while offering fans a tantalizing glimpse of potential future developments for the characters.

In a world where fatigue sets in with the inundation of various superhero movies, ‘The Marvels’ stands out for not overwhelming audiences with an excess of future speculations, providing a refreshing viewing experience.

Score: 9/10

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