The Marvels: The Complete Plot Leak Possibly Revealed

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One of the movies that fans are pretty excited about when it comes to the MCU’s slate is The Marvels because this movie will connect three different heroes into one, as we will see Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan working together. Of course, The Marvels will be released in 2023, but there are already possible rumors regarding what could happen in the movie. 

In fact, there have been leaks regarding the possible plot of the movie, and fans are now wondering whether or not these leaks are possibly accurate. Whatever the case may be, it still is nice to know a bit about the movie before it gets released so that you will know what to expect. Now, with that said, let’s look at what happens in The Marvels based on what the plot leak had to say.

What Happens In The Marvels Plot Leak?

One of the things that people know about Marvel movies is the fact that there are going to be early leaks regarding the possible plot of the film before it even gets released. Of course, that’s due to the fact that the film is worked on and produced long before it gets released, and there are some people that get to see it early or even work on it. This is the same case for The Marvels.

That’s because there are already possible plot leaks in The Marvels posted in a subreddit. Those leaks were posted by Redditors MSSMods and Thandorianskiff. But the leaks are kind of all over the place. Still, let’s try to look at what we understood from what they said. 

The Marvels is one of the most anticipated movies in the MCU slate, especially after Ms. Marvel introduced Kamala Khan into the MCU. It is going to be expected that she will be working together with Carol Danvers in The Marvels, as Monica Rambeau, who was introduced as a superhero in the events of WandaVision, is also going to play a role here.

It doesn’t take time for the movie to proceed with its events as the film itself feels like it is going to be full of events and different goofy scenes that could probably give life to the Captain Marvel movie franchise after some fans weren’t exactly fond of the first film. In the movie, Dar-Benn, played by Zawe Ashton, is introduced as the leader of the Kree. It is clear that she and Carol don’t get along well enough due to obvious reasons.

Ever since the events of Captain Marvel, Carol spent decades fighting the Kree, who were established as a villainous people during the events of the first movie. Dar-Benn, in a flashback, witnessed Carol attacking the Supreme Intelligence, and that was what made her hate her. Because of her actions, Carol is called The Annihilator by the Kree people, as her actions against Hala, the homeworld of the Kree, made life difficult for them.

However, Dar-Benn is in possession of half of the bangle that the Clandestines were looking for during the events of Ms. Marvel. There’s even a scene where she met Kamala and wondered how she got such a powerful weapon. Kamala merely told her that she got it from her grandmother in what was clearly meant to be a funny scene.

Whatever the case may be, when Carol, Monica, and Kamala use their powers, they switch places with one another. This is exactly what happened in the post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel, where we saw Kamala suddenly disappearing while Carol appeared in her place.

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As the movie proceeds, the three begin switching places with one another due to their cosmic connections with one another. Kamala, of course, is connected to the bangle that Dar-Benn was using. However, it is yet to be cleared out how Carol and Monica are connected to one another other than the fact that they’ve known each other since the first movie when Rambeau was still a child.

Due to the constant switching between the groups, Carol ends up fighting Kree soldiers in different places. There were instances where she was in a place called The Peak, which is a space station where Monica and Nick Fury work in. Meanwhile, Kamala ends up getting teleported to the peace summit. And Monica has to fight her way through Kree soldiers in the living room of the Khan family.

In fact, in what was a funny scene, the Khan family used brooms and other household items to help Monica fight the Kree. Of course, they also try to flee from them while screaming around in what is once again a hilarious moment in the movie. And Nick Fury also ends up getting teleported into the Khan living room with Carol.

Carol leaves the house and flies off, only to get switched with Kamala, who was falling from the sky because she doesn’t have the ability to fly. This forces Monica to try to learn how to control her powers of flight on the fly while Fury is telling her to use her “Black girl magic.” As such, she does fly but ends up losing control after catching Kamala. But this forces another switch with Carol, who is now carrying Kamala and stops before they hit the ground.


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Finally, the trio of Carol, Monica, and Kamala finally got together without switching with one another. They tried to investigate Dar-Benn while sticking together because they didn’t want to end up switching places with one another again. 

There really was no explanation for why they ended up switching together, but it is possible that they all have similar powers but are of different variations, and that’s why they often switch with one another when they use their powers. We know that Carol got her powers from the Space Stone, while Monica was changed at a molecular level when she spent too much time in Wanda’s Hex, which is a power that she got from the Soul Stone. Of course, the Infinity Stone connection is there, but we still don’t know how Kamala ends up getting connected to them, but it might be due to the bangle that Dar-Benn has.

Anyway, the trio learned that Dar-Benn is trying to use a weapon that she powers using the other bangle. Due to the fact that the bangle has extra-dimensional capabilities, Dar-Benn uses it to create different unstable portals that she uses to send resources from different planets back to Hala so that she can save the Kree’s struggling home world.

Dar-Benn is now looking to steal resources from a planet called Aladna, wherein Carol is actually a princess because she unknowingly got married to Prince Yan of that planet in what she didn’t know was a diplomatic marriage. Nevertheless, she and Prince Yan are quite fond of one another in a platonic way, even though they don’t really have romantic feelings for one another.

This is where it got interesting in terms of the personal relationships that the three protagonists have with one another. Carol ended up yelling at Kamala, who had long idolized her, when she froze up in the middle of a fight. However, Monica reminded Carol that Kamala isn’t a soldier while also bringing up the fact that she never came to visit her and Maria after she left the planet decades ago. But Carol revealed that she did come back to visit Maria several times in the past without Monica knowing.

As the events proceed, Carol realizes that Dar-Benn was targeting the different planets she ever called home because she wanted to take revenge on The Annihilator for the things that she did to her planet. After Dar-Benn succeeded in stealing water from Aladna, it was clear that her next target was Earth.

Carol and Monica went to Hala, where they were able to witness that Dar-Benn was able to bring back abundance to the planet. That was when Carol realized that she was indeed an annihilator to the eyes of the Kree as she did damage their planet and made it unhabitable years ago. At that point, she was wondering whether she needed to stop Dar-Benn because doing so only meant that she was going to destroy Hala all over again. But Monica gives her a pep talk and convinces her that they cannot save everyone, as Hala needed to be destroyed again so that the other planets that Dar-Benn was stealing resources from could survive.

Dar-Benn was also unknowingly creating portals that were so unstable that they were affecting the entire universe. This increased the likelihood of an Incursion happening. Of course, the concept of Incursions was introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and is going to be an integral part of the MCU in the future.

Carol fights Dar-Benn while Monica and Kamala work together to try to fix the Incursion. However, Monica was forced to fly through the tear in the universe so that she could fix it from the other side. The movie presumably ends with Monica getting stuck in that universe after she fixed the Incursion.

How Is Kamala Khan Tied Into The Marvels Plot?

The post-credit scene of Ms. Marvel allowed us to see how Kamala suddenly switched places with Carol in her own bedroom. This is where the connection between the two characters happens as, for some reason, they are connected to each other in a cosmic way and are forced to switch places with one another whenever they use their powers.

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That is why The Marvels starts off from that scene where Carol is seen confused while she is in Kamala’s bedroom. In fact, the entire Kamala bedroom scene is cut straight from The Marvels and was not shot for Ms. Marvel.

At this point, we still don’t know the cosmic connection that Kamala has with Carol, but we do know that Dar-Benn has the other half of the bangle that the Clandestines were looking for in Ms. Marvel. That could possibly be one of the reasons why Kamala switches with Carol, but that is yet to be explained.

Who Is The Main Villain Of The Marvels?

The main villain of The Marvels is, of course, Dar-Benn. However, that is not something that’s obvious at the beginning because the Skrulls were being framed for the crimes against the Kree Empire so that they could “advance their goals”.

In fact, it was mentioned by Redditor Thandorianskiff that “the movie is strongly tied with Secret Invasion, with the villains framing the Skrulls for a series of attacks on the Kree Empire to advance their goals.”

This is where the connection between The Marvels and Secret Invasion happens. It is possible that there will be events in Secret Invasion that are directly connected to the events in The Marvels, especially in relation to Nick Fury and his partnership with the Skrulls. That is also the reason why Secret Invasion will possibly be released before The Marvels.


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Dar-Benn, of course, is the main villain as she uses the bangle to power up a weapon that can open portals powerful enough to transport resources from other planets to the Kree home world, and she is doing this as a way of saving her home while taking revenge on Carol Danvers for basically destroying Hala.

How Will The Marvels Set Up The Future Of The MCU?

As mentioned, the concept of Incursions is a topic in the climax of The Marvels as Dar-Benn was opening portals that made the universe unstable. In fact, Monica and Kamala had to stop the tear in the universe to prevent an Incursion from completely happening. If the plot leaks are accurate, Monica gets stuck in a different universe.

We know for a fact that Marvel Studios is setting up a Secret Wars Avengers movie in the future and that this movie will allow different universes to clash with one another in an attempt to put together all of the different Disney Marvel properties in one single universe.

It is possible that Monica gets stuck in a universe that will play a crucial role in Avengers: Secret Wars. We believe that this could be the universe of the Fantastic Four, which is going to get a movie right before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Kevin Feige recently said that the Fantastic Four movie will not explore the origin story of the Fantastic Four itself but will introduce the heroes in a manner that’s similar to how Spider-Man was introduced in the MCU during the events of Captain America: Civil War.

As such, we believe that Monica getting stuck in a different universe could be connected to the introduction of the Fantastic Four, as she might have to work together with Marvel’s first family to get back to her original universe or even join them during the events of the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars movie. Whatever the case may be, we are only excited about how The Marvels sets up the future of the MCU.

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