‘The Marvels’: The Mystery Behind Kamala’s Bangle Is Finally Clear! Here’s What Quantum Bands Are

The Marvels the Mystery behind Kamalas Bangle Is Finally Clear Heres What Quantum Bands Are

Ms. Marvel’s powers in the MCU are a total enigma. In “Ms. Marvel,” we learned she tapped into her Noor Dimension skills with her great-grandma’s Bangle. Now, in ‘The Marvels,’ the plot thickens—it turns out that Bangle’s got a fancier name, the Quantum Band. So, what’s the deal with this Quantum Band in the MCU? It’s the burning question on everyone’s mind.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the comic realm, Quantum Bands are special bands that give individuals access to energy-manipulating powers. Eon, a cosmic being, handed them out like superhero accessories to the Protectors of the Universe. It’s like the universe’s version of a power-up gift.
  • In the MCU, “The Marvels” broke it down—Quantum Bands are no joke. They’re these heavy-duty gadgets with enough powers to mess with time and space.

Fans are familiar with Quantum Bands from the comics

The Marvel Comics universe has always been packed with some of the coolest gadgets in the world of comic book fiction. A lot of these gadgets have extraterrestrial or cosmic origins, and one such example is the Cosmic Bands, which have a rich history.

Although the exact origins of the Cosmic Bands remain a mystery, these powerful devices are known for their ability to manipulate energy. The cosmic heavyweight, Eon, hailing from Eternity, bestowed the Quantum Bands upon those he deemed Protectors of the Universe. These bands became symbols of power and a person’s status as a Protector.

The Quantum Bands

The Quantum Bands tap into the Quantum Zone, the source of all energy in the Marvel Universe, offering the user access to its infinite energy reserves. However, the Bands themselves have limits on the energy they can store. The silver lining is that they can use stored energy if the Quantum Zone is ever blocked.

These bands grant control over the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing the user to drain various forms of energy nearby and project energy at different wavelengths. Typically, users shoot beams of concussive force, but they can’t draw power from psionic and magical energy.

In the Marvel universe, iconic characters like Thelius, Maelstrom, Annihilus, Phyla-Vell, Nova, and even Wendell Vaughn have wielded Cosmic Bands. The original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, rocked Nega-Bands with abilities similar to Quantum Bands.


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It turns out that Kamala’s bangle was Cosmic Band all this time

The MCU takes a different route compared to the comics, incorporating original elements inspired by the source material. A prime example is Kamala Khan, who, unlike her comic counterpart, isn’t an Inhuman in the MCU. Instead, her abilities stem from the Noor Dimension, activated by Bangles inherited from her great-grandmother from that dimension.

Kamala With Bangle

Kamala’s powers allow her to manipulate light energy and create solid constructs from it, proving handy in ‘The Marvels,’ where she teamed up with Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. The movie revealed a connection between their light-based abilities. Notably, the antagonist, Dar-Benn, snagged a Bangle identical to Kamala’s, enabling her to manipulate space through jump points.

In a surprising twist, Kamala’s Bangle is termed a Quantum Band by Carol, capable of controlling time and space. Kamala’s time-travel experience in ‘Ms. Marvel’ suggests these MCU Quantum Bands might also dabble in the electromagnetic spectrum, linking back to their comic counterparts.

Who can use the Quantum Bands?

In the ‘Ms. Marvel’ storyline, Bruno spilled the beans to Kamala that her genetic makeup made her the only Khan family member capable of wielding the Bangle’s power, hinting at a potential mutation that could label her as a Mutant. The twist might originate from her great-grandmother’s extraterrestrial roots in a dimension where Mutants could exist.

Moving on to ‘The Marvels,’ Dar-Benn harnessed the Quantum Bands, absorbing and redirecting Captain Marvel’s light energy. However, when she snagged Kamala’s Bangle, it backfired, causing her internal destruction due to overwhelming power. Surprisingly, Kamala continued wielding her light construct ability, indicating her Bangle merely triggered her powers rather than supplying them.

Despite donning both Quantum Bands, Kamala avoided the overload Dar-Benn faced. She suggested the Bands were destined for her, hinting at unique compatibility without adverse effects.

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