The Promised Neverland: Why Season 3 May Not Happen?

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The Promised Neverland is a dark fantasy anime that thrilled and saddened the fans from the very start of season 1. Fans who had read the manga know that the first season had managed to transcribe the atmosphere and the story of manga to the screens, while the second season doesn’t seem to have lived up to fans’ expectations.

The first season created an appropriate intro for the story presented in the manga series, while the second season perhaps rushed through the plot and used substitutes for twists in the manga to create “more suitable” solutions for anime fans. The anime adaption of the manga in season two did a poor job in justifying the features that manga readers could enjoy and cry to.

The case of The Promised Neverland wouldn’t be the first time that an anime adaptation did wrong to the story originally presented in manga. However, not all fans are disappointed as there are still hopes that the anime will be renewed for the third season. Unfortunately for that part of the fandom, there haven’t been any confirmations about season 3.


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The team behind the anime series might return with season 3 in an attempt to make amends to everything that seems to have gone wrong with season 2, but that would be nothing but a bold assumption at the moment. If you ask manga fans who also watched The Promised Neverland anime what went wrong, there would be more than a few reasons on the list.

Many details that were crucial to the story were left out in the adaptation of the second season, along with the changed ending that didn’t justify the story properly. The ending was already “too sad” and “bad” for fans, and according to the fandom, the second season made it even worse.

The creators may decide to do a complete reboot of the series and follow the trajectory of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, while the series could potentially start from scratch. What seems to be certain for numerous fans is that The Promised Neverland had great potential as a dark fantasy that was squandered with the second season.  

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