The Rings of Power Season 1 Finale: 10 Questions We Want Answered

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We are already at the final portion of the first season of what is going to be five full seasons of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. As such, while we may be at the end of the first season, we know for a fact that things are just getting started as far as the entire series is concerned. And we know that we are in for huge revelations and shocking events that will happen in the season finale.

Of course, while the season finale is set to wrap up what is no doubt a successful first season for The Rings of Power, we also know that there are a lot of things that we still don’t understand in relation to this series. That’s why we have a lot of questions that we hope are finally going to get answered by the season finale. In that regard, here are some of the questions that we hope are going to get answered by the final episode of the first season of The Rings of Power.

Will season 1 ever reveal who Sauron is?

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Ever since the first episode of The Rings of Power, the one question that Galadriel and basically everyone in the world was wondering was Sauron’s whereabouts. In every single episode, we were waiting for some big revelation that would allow us to learn more about where Sauron is and in whose form he is hiding. However, we are still quite unaware of who he actually is, even though we do have our own hunches regarding his identity and whereabouts.


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But the one thing that we don’t know is if Sauron’s identity will finally be revealed at the end of season 1. If not, then we would have to wait for around two more years to finally get back on the “who is Sauron” train. As such, we are hoping to know whether or not the season 1 finale will finally reveal who Sauron is.

Where and who the heck is Sauron?


In relation to what we previously discussed regarding whether or not season 1 will reveal who Sauron is, one of the things that we are hoping to learn is the whereabouts and identity of Sauron. These have been the biggest questions ever since the start of The Rings of Power, as no one on Middle-Earth and quite possibly among the audience knows where and who the dark lord is.

Nevertheless, we do have a few clues in relation to where and who Sauron is, as it is quite possible that he has been hiding in plain sight the entire time. Nevertheless, The Rings of Power has done a great job at hiding the character’s identity while keeping us guessing whether or not our suspects are actually Sauron.

Is The Stranger Gandalf?


The Stranger was introduced quite early in the series, as the meteor that brought him to Middle-Earth was supposedly the sign that Sauron was finally going to return. However, ever since his introduction, the Stranger has been just as enigmatic as all of the other mysterious characters in the series. As such, the Stranger is just as mysterious as Sauron’s identity, as we hardly know anything about him.

Nevertheless, there is a good chance that the Stranger is actually Gandalf, as the Valar sent Maiar in the form of old wizards to Middle-Earth to aid in Sauron’s defeat. We know that the Stranger is trying to find a way to get to a certain constellation of stars, as Nori is guiding him in his endeavor. And it is possible that he is actually Gandalf because of his relationship with the Harfoots, but this is something that we are hoping to learn in the season finale. 

Who are the Mystics?

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The Mystics, which come in the form of the weird white-clad women, are some of the most mysterious characters we’ve seen in the series, but what we do know is that they are looking for the Stranger and are characters that are seemingly evil. After all, they did try to kill the Harfoots by burning their caravan in episode 7 when Largo, Nori’s dad, simply tried to protect his daughter from them.

Hopefully, we get to learn more about these mysterious women and what their endgame is, as they are just as mysterious as the man they have been trying to find the entire time. It is possible that they are also Maiar, just like the Stranger and Sauron. But it is also possible that the Mystics are somehow connected to Sauron because of their seemingly evil approach and aura.

Will the Dwarves awaken the Balrog?

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Episode 7 allowed us to get a glimpse of the Balrog known as Durin’s Bane, which is the same Balrog that Gandalf fought and defeated back in the events of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. In that regard, we know for a fact that JRR Tolkien wrote that the Dwarves dug too deep in Khazad-dûm and awakened the Balrog, which had been lying in slumber for thousands of years.


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As such, we already know that this Balrog will eventually kill one of the two Durins at one point in the future of the series. But what we don’t know is whether or not the Balrog will be awakened and unleashed in the season finale. And if the Balrog were to awaken in the season finale, this should be one of the most explosive season finales in recent memory.

How will the elves solve their problem?

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We learned in episode 5 that the Elves had a problem in relation to their immortality, as they were losing their light. This was shown by the fact that the trees in Lindon were steadily dying out, as this was a sign that the darkness had been steadily taking over the light of the Elves and that they were actually losing their immortality.

However, the Elves believe that the mithril that is in the mountains of Khazad-dûm can be a way for them to “cheat” death so that they could regain their light because the mithril was said to contain the light of the missing Silmaril. In that regard, it is possible that the season finale will allow us to see how the Elves are going to solve their problem in relation to their impending mortality.

What is Adar’s backstory?

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At this point, we already know a good deal about Adar and what he is. Galadriel revealed in episode 6 that he was one of the Moriondor, or the first Orcs. He was once an Elf that Morgoth captured, tortured, and twisted so that he could become one of the first Orcs that would give birth to the other Orcs that we’ve seen in the series.

However, other than that, we don’t know a lot about who he was before he became an Orc. We also don’t know anything about what he experienced when he was still an Elf and after he became a Moriondor that worked under both Morgoth and Sauron. As such, it is possible that the season finale will shed some more light on Adar and his story.

Is Celeborn really dead?

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Episode 7 allowed us to learn that Galadriel was, in fact, married but hadn’t seen her husband for a very long time. She told Theo the story of the last time she saw her husband, Celeborn, who went to war but was never seen again. And she probably concluded that Celeborn had been killed, just like a lot of other Elves that fell victim to the same war that took her brother.

However, we do know that Celeborn is alive in Tolkien’s writings and in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movies. It would be a great shame if The Rings of Power were to depart from this by killing Celeborn so that Galadriel would now have another romantic partner. That’s why we want to know whether or not Celeborn is really dead so that we can temper our expectations in relation to where the story is headed when it comes to Galadriel’s romantic life.

What Is Halbrand’s true identity?

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The earlier episodes of The Rings of Power allowed us to learn that Halbrand came from the line of the kings of Southlands and that he was trying to escape Middle-Earth because he wanted to stay away from his responsibility in the Southlands. And he also said that Orcs destroyed his home and drove him out of the Southlands, and that explains why he was out at sea when he and Galadriel found each other.


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In episode 6, we also learned that Adar did something to him, but the Moriondor couldn’t even remember him or what he did to Halbrand. This only makes Halbrand’s backstory and true identity even more mysterious. As such, there is a good chance that, as he is traveling to Lindon to get healed by the Elves, we will learn more about who he actually is and whether or not he is Sauron, as he has always been the prime suspect for the dark lord’s identity.

What will happen in Season 2?

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Of course, the very plot of season 2 will depend on what is going to happen in the season finale of the first season of The Rings of Power. It is possible that the season finale will show us a lot of surprises and twists that will only serve to make the next season even more interesting and intriguing to fans all over the world.

In that regard, the season finale will allow us to have some clues regarding what will happen in season 2, especially in relation to Sauron’s overall endgame and plan. We know that the dark lord seeks to create the Rings of Power, but we don’t know how and when that will happen. But the season 1 finale might finally give us an insight into how this will all happen and how Sauron will eventually allow the cogs of war to turn as we proceed deeper and deeper into the storyline of The Rings of Power.

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