‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2 New Character, Estrid, Could Potentially Expand Aragorn’s Story

'The Rings of Power' Season 2 New Character, Estrid, Could Potentially Expand Aragorn's Story

Whether you liked it or not, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power became a hit series for Amazon, and it was expected that the series would be renewed for a second season, whose eight episodes will premiere later this year, as we have reported on multiple occasions. Regardless of everything, the series remains one of the most talked-about events of its season, and while many have voiced their concerns about the show, the interest is still there, and that is why we are constantly reporting on all the news and updates that come out, related to the upcoming season.

Not that long ago, we revealed some important casting information related to some of the new characters that are going to appear in the upcoming season, and we can now confirm that another seemingly important character will be making an appearance in the second season and – as it turns out – this character could be connected to one of the franchise’s most important and beloved characters!

New casting information for the upcoming second season of The Rings of Power reveals that Nia Towle will join the series as a character named Estrid. Based on the name, we don’t know much, and it might seem that Estrid will be just another random human character that will be introduced in the series, but some first-look photos from the upcoming season reveal that Estrid will most likely have a very close relationship with Isildur (played by Maxim Baldry), which could, potentially, have a lot of implications.

Namely, one photo shows the two of them being very close to each other, which has fans speculating that Estrid might end up being Isildur’s wife later in the series. This is based on the timeline in the series and what is known from Tolkien’s own works, where it is stated that – around this time – Isildur had a wife and his first son, Elendur. If this proves to be true, this will actually fill a lot of gaps in Aragorn’s history; as we know, Isildur is the person who started the line of kings that eventually led to Aragorn taking the throne.

Of course, as of the time of writing, this is just speculation, but based on the chronology and the first-look photos we have, it seems likely. Of course, more information will be revealed and confirmed later this year when the second season premieres, so we advise you to definitely keep following us, as we will keep you up-to-date with everything that ends up being revealed. This is what we have as of the time of writing, but we are certain that more exciting information is to follow!

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