‘The Rings of Power’ Season 2 Trailer Review Bombed by Some Fans, Has More than Half a Million Dislikes on YouTube

'The Rings Of Power' Season 2 Trailer Receives More than Half a Million Dislikes on YouTube

Whether you like it or not, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is a hit series. Amazon managed to create a series that was both controversial and popular at the same time, so the series was expectedly renewed for a second season, whose eight episodes have been confirmed for a 2024 release. Recently, an official trailer for the second season has been released, confirming that the series would premiere on August 29, 2024. But, aside from that, the trailer managed to draw out a series of reactions, mostly negative ones, which indicates that the fans aren’t giving up on letting everyone know how much they dislike the show.

As ScreenGeek reports, the trailer has received a total of 527,000 in the first 10 days since its premiere, with only around 96,000 likes, which is a very big difference, but it shows that the trend of bombing the series continues.

Before we say anything else, here is the trailer for you so that you can see for yourselves whether it’s that bad:

The trailer is full of content, and a lot of fans seem to be dissatisfied with it based on the number of dislikes. These dislikes were followed by a series of negative comments as well, some of which were:

“Should’ve just gotten Steve Buscemi to play Sauron with a backwards hat and skateboard. ‘How do you do, fellow elves?’”

“The Age of Men is over. The Age of the Wig has begun.”

“Spend 30min on my life to read comments and 0 seconds watch trailer. Priceless”

“In the land of Mordor, on the slopes of Mount Doom, Sauron, forged in secret, a master wig.”

As you can see, one of the more obvious moments is the wig scene, but no one really knows how all of it will play out in the series, and judging the whole season based on several scenes from the trailer seems silly. No one is claiming that The Rings of Power is perfect or even on par with Jackson’s films, but the critics have given it very good scores (71/100 on Metacritic, 83% on Rotten Tomatoes), and the public on IMDb also gave it a solid 7.0/10, which doesn’t indicate that it is bad. The audience scores on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes are lower, but these sites are commonly targeted by review bombers, as was the recent case with the new Doctor Who series, when fans review bombed the series several days before the premiere.

The premiere is in August and we know that a lot of fans had problems with the woke tone of the series. We also know that the series has its flaws, but review-bombing a trailer seems ridiculous. As one of the comments confirms, there are people who disliked the trailer even though they had not seen it, and that is a very noteworthy fact, so don’t really listen to others – check out the series for yourselves once it comes out in August and then decide whether you like it or not.

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