The Scammer From The Documentary “The Tinder Swindler” Is Denied Access To Tinder

The Scammer From The Documentary "The Tinder Swindler" Is Denied Access To Tinder

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The main person being investigated by the new Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler has been banned from accessing the popular dating app.

Simon Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut, reportedly met several women on Tinder and convinced them that he lived a luxurious life and was the son of Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev. Shortly afterward, under a statement that his life was in danger, he tricked them into giving him millions of dollars. After it was revealed that it was a scam and an article was published in a Norwegian daily newspaper about it, three brave women agreed for Netflix to participate in the making of a documentary and exposing Leviev.

Despite the evidence, the fraudster was released from prison very quickly and at the end of the documentary, it is stated that he still lives a rather luxurious life and meets women through Tinder. But he no longer seems to be: “After a detailed internal investigation, we can confirm that Simon Leviev is no longer active on Tinder under any of the well-known aliases,” the official statement from Tinder said for Variety. His Instagram account with more than 200,000 followers since the weekend is also no longer available.

The documentary was directed by Felicity Morris (Don’t F *** With Cats) and in less than a week it reached the Top 10 most-watched in the US and UK. Netflix is ​​reportedly also considering a feature version of the story and is currently in talks with the producers.

You can check out the official trailer for The Tinder Swindler below.
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