The Seven Deadly Sins: Is Season 6 Possible?


The Seven Deadly Sins anime ended with season 5, while the existing manga follows the story right till the end of season 5. Judging by the fact that the manga ended with the last season that had its finale in summer 2021, there might not be a renewal for season 6.

However, The Seven Deadly Sins fandom argues that there might be a possibility for the 6th season to happen even though the manga story ended with the last season. It seems that there is nothing left to say as the last episode dubbed “Heirs” closed the war between demons and the human race.

Spoiler Alert! The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

The last episode of season 5 was episode 24 named “Heirs.” The episode featured the defeat of the Demon King as Meliodas and Elizabeth managed to win the battle against the king. The manga chapter 346 also follows the same arc with not a single plot left unfinished or an arc left unsaid.


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Still, the fandom is hungry for more and they might as well get more. The team behind the manga released a sequel titled “Four Knights of the Apocalypse.” The manga sequel introduces fans to new characters and takes place sixteen years after the story plot in the original manga and anime series.

Will There Be Season 6 for The Seven Deadly Sins?

The Seven Deadly Sins anime creators didn’t confirm or cancel the anime series, which is why fans are hoping that the series will be renewed for another season. It may be the case that season 6 will follow the story of the “Four Knights of the Apocalypse.”

While the fandom is waiting for a new season to be disputed or confirmed, they can enjoy The Seven Deadly Sins movie, “Cursed by Light” which premiered in July 2021 in Japan. The movie was aired on Netflix in October of the same year.

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