‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ Trailer: A Fresh Start on Roku With Magic and Adventure

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The trailer for ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ is finally out, and it’s catching eyes for a bunch of reasons. First off, Roku Channel is where you’ll get to watch it. Yep, after Disney+ decided to pass, Roku grabbed the chance. They’re dropping all eight episodes on April 19, so mark your calendars.

This series is all about magic, family, and some pretty wild creatures. It’s based on those books by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. The story? It’s about the Grace family moving into their old family home, Spiderwick. The kids, twins Jared and Simon, along with their sister Mallory, stumble into a world filled with magical beings. Jared finds out about these creatures first, thanks to a boggart. The only person who believes him? His great-aunt Lucinda. She tells him he needs to find this special guide to magical creatures written by her dad to keep them safe from Mulgarath, a not-so-nice Ogre.

The cast has some familiar faces. We’ve got Joy Bryant playing Helen Grace, the mom. Noah Cottrell and Lyon Daniels are the twins, Simon and Jared. Mychala Lee steps in as Mallory. And guess who’s voicing Thimbletack, the boggart? Jack Dylan Grazer. Christian Slater is taking on the role of Mulgarath, the Ogre.

The folks running the show are Aron Eli Coleite and Kat Coiro. They’re working alongside a bunch of talented execs, including the original authors, DiTerlizzi and Black.

Roku’s pretty pumped about having the series. They said it’s a big deal to have a show with a mix of adventure and fantasy, especially with Christian Slater and Joy Bryant leading the charge.


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The trailer itself is a whirlwind. It starts with the Grace kids exploring Spiderwick and getting a taste of the magic. But things take a turn when Mulgarath shows up with his plan to cause trouble. The trailer gives off vibes that mix fun with a bit of fear, showing us that the series will have its dark moments too.

There’s a bit of chatter about how the show will do, especially since the movie version back in 2008 didn’t hit it big. Plus, Roku Channel isn’t as huge as Disney+ when it comes to hits. But who knows? The buzz from moving from Disney+ to Roku might just draw in a crowd eager to see what happens next. And let’s face it, everyone loves a good comeback story.

So, if you’re into magical adventures with a side of danger, keep an eye out for ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ on Roku this April. It might just be the next big thing to binge-watch.

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