The Story Behind “The Secret of Life Through Screenwriting: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Structure Your Screenplay, Create Characters, and Find Meaning in Your Script”

When I was a little girl, I remember that my dad would read me a story every night before bedtime and say prayers with me. I was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, though I no longer practice that religion,  and I remember that my dad would pray for other Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world who were being persecuted for their faith and were enduring other hardships like being in a country where there wasn’t enough food to eat. I thought then that there had to be a quicker way to help get rid of the world’s problems than going out to knock on individual doors to tell people about God’s Kingdom. 

I also realized that when I would watch television, I got to see how the rest of the world lived, especially since we didn’t do things like celebrate birthdays or holidays. Television and movies helped me to see what it was like to be someone other than me. I saw the movie, “Home Alone,” when I was 10-years-old  and decided to become an actress. However, I hit a snag in my plan when my parents told me that they wouldn’t get me an agent. After that, I decided that I would write my own screenplays, direct and produce those, and then I would act in my own scripts. So, I wrote my first screenplay when I was 10 and set out to produce it. 

Ultimately, my friends lost interest in my little project, and I decided that it would be easier to just write the scripts and worry about producing them later when I was older. I wrote at least one screenplay  (sometimes more) every year until I was about 18, when I took a couple years off because of my mental health. But when I was 17, I met a professional screenwriter for the first time, and he read three of my scripts and gave me notes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as good of a screenwriter as I thought I was. But I took his notes and read the book he recommended and rewrote my favorite script at the time. When I showed it to him later, he told me that I had made a 180 degree change—the script was that much better. 

Eventually, I went on to attend Howard University where I studied Film and English and got a Bachelor of Arts. Then five years later, I started a Master’s program for Creative Writing, specializing in screenwriting, at National University, and received my Master of Fine Arts degree. 

Many years later, I found myself complaining about a very popular screenwriting book, saying that it had made nearly every movie extremely formulaic. I was telling this to one of my mentors, and she asked me,  “Why don’t you write your own screenwriting book?” Why didn’t I? Maybe because when I was younger, I had felt that there was nothing new to say about screenwriting. However, in 2012, the same year I got my MFA and started my production company, Third Person Omniscient Productions, I also discovered the law of attraction, initially from the books “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and  “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. 

For the first time, after reading those two books, I knew that my dreams would come true. I wanted other people to know this—I wanted the whole world to know this. I had long known that movies could help people make their lives better if the audience truly paid attention. When I wrote, “The Secret of Life  Through Screenwriting: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Structure Your Screenplay, Create  Characters, and Find Meaning in Your Life,” it was so that screenwriters could learn how the law of attraction works so that they can use it in their scripts so that their protagonists could use the law of attraction to accomplish their tangible outer goal. It is my hope that the people who watch these movies also learn how to use the law of attraction to make their dreams come true, too.

The Secret of Life Through Screenwriting: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Structure Your  Screenplay, Create Characters, and Find Meaning in Your Script” is now available on Amazon.