‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’ First Trailer Teases Rick and Michonne’s Reunion

The Ones Who Live

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Fans of ‘The Walking Dead‘ are in for a treat with the new spinoff series, ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’. This series shines a spotlight on two beloved characters, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, and Michonne, portrayed by Danai Gurira. It’s been a while since these two crossed paths, and the latest trailer hints at a much-anticipated reunion in a world ravaged by the apocalypse.

‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’ is more than just a zombie survival tale. AMC describes it as an epic love story set in a world transformed beyond recognition. Rick and Michonne are navigating this new reality, battling not just the undead but also the living. They’re facing a crucial question: can they find their way back to each other and rediscover themselves in this harsh new world? The series promises to explore their journey as they grapple with being lovers, enemies, victims, or victors in this altered landscape.


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The show isn’t just about Rick and Michonne. We’ll see Pollyanna McIntosh reprising her role as Jadis. The cast also includes Lesley-Ann Brandt, Terry O’Quinn, and Matthew August Jeffers. It’s a collaboration between Scott M. Gimple and Danai Gurira, with Gimple taking the reins as the showrunner.

‘The Walking Dead’ universe continues to expand. While ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ concluded in 2023, the story lives on through various spinoffs. ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ brings together Negan and Maggie in New York, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, respectively. Norman Reedus takes his character, Daryl Dixon, on an international adventure in ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon,’ joined by Melissa McBride as Carol in its second season.

The excitement is building for ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’. This series, initially planned as a trilogy of films, is now making its way to television, promising a fresh perspective on the ‘Walking Dead’ saga. Mark your calendars for Sunday, Feb. 25, when the series premieres on AMC and AMC+. It’s a date fans won’t want to miss!

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