The Waterworld TV show is coming, which will continue the story of the film!

Very unexpected, but certainly the most interesting news today is that we are getting the Waterworld series. After 26 years, producer John Davis returns to the aquatic, post-apocalyptic world of Waterworld. The series is expected to follow characters from the original 1995 film, although Davis has not mentioned any actors so far, but has stated that the plot will take place 20 years after the events from the film. The series is currently in the early development phase at Universal Television. The showrunner of the series is not yet known, but it is known that it will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane).

“We are not yet 100% sure of access to the series. But we are definitely in the development phase. ” – added John Fox, who has been Davis’ production partner for almost a decade. “Larry Gordon and I were the producers of that film. And John and I re-imagined it as a streaming version. ” – said Davis, who admitted that the ‘home’ for the series had actually already been found, but refused to reveal which streaming platform it was.

We doubt you don’t know that, but the lead role in the film was played by Kevin Costner, as a wanderer sailing the Earth, believed to be completely covered by the sea after the polar ice caps completely melted. His body mutated to adapt to his underwater environment. He reluctantly agrees to help Helen (Jeanne Triplehorn) and the girl Enoli (Tina Majorino) try to find a piece of mythical dry land as they fight hunger and flee from a ‘pirate’ led by Deacon, played by the late Dennis Hopper.

The film grossed $ 264 million worldwide on a budget of $ 175 million, and despite ultimately making a profit Waterworld was experienced as a failure, although it may simply have been ahead of its time. To let us know, it was not without flaws and it had a lot of production problems, but even today it is pleasant to look at, and in fact it has ‘aged’ very well.

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