10 Things to Expect in ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Finale

mando season 3

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There’s no doubt that the storyline of The Mandalorian is already heating up and is set to have a fantastic conclusion in its season finale. We know that episode 7 forced the characters into a tough situation, with Din Djarin getting captured and Bo-Katan Kryze being forced to retreat against the might of Moff Gideon. In that regard, episode 8 of season 3 should allow us to see an epic showdown between Gideon and the Mandalorians.

As such, there’s a good chance that the season 3 finale will be bigger than what we saw back in season 2, especially because Lucasfilm has bigger plans for The Mandalorian characters in the future. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the things that you should expect in The Mandalorian season 3 finale.

10. The Armorer Could Be A Spy

armorer and gideon

Episode 7 of season 3 was entitled “The Spies.” Of course, we all know that Elia Kane was one of the spies working under Moff Gideon, but we also know that there could be more spies that have been feeding Gideon information. This brings us to the mysterious woman known as the Armorer, who has always been the most enigmatic character of The Mandalorian because we don’t know a lot about her.


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The connection between the Armorer and Gideon is unknown, but we know that they were designed to have similar helmets that oddly resemble Darth Maul’s horned head. There is also a good reason why the Armorer decided to allow Bo-Katan to be the one to unite the Mandalorians and why she actually came with the scouting party. Of course, we know that she left right away when she found a good reason to do so, and she may have already done her part by informing Gideon of what the Mandalorians were doing so that they could ambush them right away. Nevertheless, we don’t know Armorer’s true goals.

9. A United Mandalore

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The opening scene of episode 7 allowed us to see a surprised Moff Gideon, who told Elia Kane that the Mandalorians couldn’t work together because Din Djarin’s tribe and Bo-Katan’s people hate each other due to their philosophical differences. While we all know that they now have to work together to take Mandalore back, we also know that they aren’t exactly friends. We even saw Paz Vizsla and Axe Woves nearly killing each other over a game of Mandalorian chess, only for Grogu to stop them from tearing each other apart.

But because Gideon now has Mandalore and is looking to destroy what remains of the Mandalorians, it is time for them to become truly united. Paz allowed Axe to escape during the Imperial ambush to get to the Mandalorian fleet in space to tell them what was happening. Meanwhile, Paz also sacrificed himself to let the other Mandalorians escape. It is Vizsla’s sacrifice and the fact that the Mandalorians have a common enemy that would allow them to realize that they needed to be united against Gideon, as Bo-Katan once said that the division of the Mandalorians was the only thing that could ever defeat them.

8. Mandalorians vs. The Praetorian Guard

praetorian guard

The seventh episode of season 3 also introduced the Praetorian Guard, who we first met in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as the elite personal guard of Supreme Leader Snoke. Moff Gideon requested the Shadow Council to send him some members of the Praetorian Guard so that he could use them to take care of his problems regarding the Mandalorians. And that was when we saw three members of the Praetorian Guard overwhelming and killing Paz Vizsla.

That means that the Mandalorians (most probably Din and Bo-Katan) will have to face the Praetorian Guard at one point in the season 3 finale, especially because these guys are the strongest troops Moff Gideon could throw at them. We already know that three of them were too strong for a well-trained and physically imposing Mandalorian. That would mean that Din and Bo-Katan would have their hands full against this elite group.

7. More Of Grogu’s Past

grogu flashback.jpg

Since the very start of The Mandalorian, we’ve only seen glimpses of Grogu’s past and what happened to him during the fall of the Jedi Order. In The Book of Boba Fett, we saw that he was a youngling in the Jedi Temple during Order 66. Then, in season 3, we saw that he was rescued by Kelleran Beq, a Jedi Master that specialized in training younglings. However, we don’t know what happened to Grogu between his escape from the Jedi Temple and the events of The Mandalorian.


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Nearly three decades separate the fall of the Jedi Order and the events of The Mandalorian, but we don’t know where Grogu was the entire time and who he spent his time with while he was hiding from the Empire. As such, it is possible that the season 3 finale will reveal more of Grogu’s past and will allow us to learn more about what happened to him before he met Din Djarin in the first episode of The Mandalorian.

6. The Return Of The Mythosaur


We met the Mythosaur back in the second episode of season 3 as Bo-Katan was rescuing Din Djarin from drowning in the Living Waters of Mandalore. The fact that she saw the Mythosaur was what eventually convinced the Armorer that Bo-Katan could usher in the next era of Mandalore and was the rightful leader of their people. However, we haven’t seen the Mythosaur ever since the second episode.

The Mythosaur is a mythical dinosaur-like beast that Mandalore the Great tamed and rode before becoming the Mandalorians’ first leader. That means that this is a mighty beast that has stayed hidden from the Mandalorians for thousands of years and is now looking to make an epic return in the season finale. And either Bo-Katan or Din may be the one to tame and ride the Mythosaur, which will surely be too strong for any of Moff Gideon’s ground forces to handle.

5. Din/Bo-Katan Rises As A Leader

mando bo katan saber

If something has always been clear since the start of season 3, it’s that Bo-Katan was becoming more of a true leader to the Mandalorians. Her time with Din Djarin also allowed her to develop into a better leader, as the titular character even decided to hand the Darksaber over to her because he realized that she was the rightful owner of the blade. And having the Darksaber gives Bo-Katan the right to be the leader of the Mandalorians.

But the Mythosaur is also linked with Mandalorian leadership because the first Mandalorian leader tamed the beast long ago. In that regard, if either Din and Bo-Katan were to tame the Mythosaur, then that would mean that the new Mandalorian leadership would be solidified. It would be nice to see Din being the one to tame the Mythosaur and unite with Bo-Katan to combine the two different Mandalorian philosophies into one.

4. We Will Cheer

mando bo katan

According to Dave Filoni, the season 3 finale of The Mandalorian will give us a good reason to cheer for the good guys. That would mean that the Mandalorians would come out victorious in their fight against Moff Gideon and his Imperial remnants. We might even see Gideon finally seeing his end at the hands of the Mandalorian people, that have suffered enough because of him. 

That means there is a very good chance that The Mandalorian season 3 will have a good ending and that the Mandalorians will finally get justice for the destruction of their planet. This should be a departure from the ending of The Bad Batch, which was kind of sad, as the ending of The Mandalorian season 3 should be something that fans are going to be excited to see.

3. It Will Make Us Think

shadow council 3

While Filoni said that the season 3 finale would make us cheer, he also said that it would make us think. That means that the season 3 finale will have scenes and revelations that will leave us thinking and pondering about what will happen to the galaxy. Again, it is likely that season 3 will have a good ending. But that good ending is likely going to be overshadowed by something sinister.


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We all know that the events of The Mandalorian and the things that the Imperial remnants are doing are all going to lead to the rise of the First Order and the conflicts during the sequel trilogy. That means that there is a possibility that the season 3 finale of The Mandalorian will reveal more of what the Empire has been planning and how all of the actions of the Imperial remnants will lead to a dark future.

2. Thrawn Teaser

thrawn live action

It has already been made clear that Lars Mikkelsen will be making his live-action debut as Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Ahsoka series. Thrawn’s name has already been mentioned quite a few times in The Mandalorian. Specifically, in episode 7 of season 3, the Shadow Council was still awaiting the return of Thrawn so that he would lead the Imperial remnants into the future. And we all know that Thrawn will be the “heir to the Empire” during the events of the Ahsoka series.

In that regard, there is a good chance that Thrawn’s much-awaited debut will be teased in the season 3 finale of The Mandalorian. As such, Thrawn’s return might be one of the things that Filoni referred to when he said that the finale would make us think. And Thrawn’s return may allow us to quickly transition to the events that will happen in the Ahsoka series.

1. The Future Of The Mandalorian


During the Star Wars Celebration event of 2023, it was revealed that one of the three Star Wars movies that Lucasfilm will be working on would include a movie that is set during the time of The Mandalorian. The movie will also wrap up the events of the different series that all take place during the time of The Mandalorian, and that means that it will serve as the conclusion of the Mando-verse in Star Wars.


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That would mean that the season 3 finale is likely going to set up the events that would lead to this movie that Dave Filoni will be working on. It is still unsure whether or not there will be a fourth season of The Mandalorian, but it is also possible that this movie will serve as the next chapter of Din Djarin’s story. As such, the season 3 finale should allow us to see how the events of The Mandalorian will connect with the other shows that take place during the same timeline (The Book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka) so that we would see an Avengers-like event in the movie that Filoni will be directing.

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