Tokyo Revengers Manga Sales Rise Over 50 Million Ahead of Season 2 Premiere resizeimage 17

Anime fans are showing a growing interest in Tokyo Revengers anime series and manga as well, as the second season of the show is approaching. Tokyo Revengers manga has reached an important milestone with selling over 50 million copies ahead of the second season. There is no doubt that anime fans loved the show already with the first season that premiered in 2021, as the show was renewed for another season and the manga sales are on the rise.


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In September 2021, the official Twitter account for the series Tokyo Revengers announced having around 40 million copies of the manga in circulation, reaching 50 million in January 2022. That means that over 10 million copies were sold in the course of four months. There might be a strong reason behind the growing sales of the manga – apparently, the first season ended with a major cliffhanger, and it seems that over 10 million fans are eager to find out what happens next.

The first season took around 9 months to be produced and completed before the premiere so the Tokyo Revengers fandom can expect the second season sometime in summer 2022. The second season is more likely to adapt the Christmas Showdown arc, so season 2 is more likely to expand on how Tokyo Manji Gang absorbed the Black Dragons.

As the fandom is waiting for season 2 and the manga sales numbers are hitting the roof, fans can vote for Tokyo Revengers for this year’s Anime Awards on Crunchyroll in the category of Best Anime.

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