Tokyo Revengers Will Give Draken a New Voice, Previously Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Tokyo Revengers season one aired from April to September 2021, and since there was no news about renewing or confirming the second season for the popular anime series. The anime and manga series is penned by Ken Wakui and are following the story of a 26-years-old unemployed guy, Takemichi Hanagaki. The main character soon finds himself in a time leap after an accident, previously finding out that his ex-girlfriend was killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

The series accumulated some major popularity after the release of the first season, in addition to having a live-action adaptation recently released in Japan. The first season ended with the Valhalla arc, leaving room to speculate that the next season will be based on the Christmas Showdown arc. There is still more source material for at least two seasons, so the fandom might see more anime adaptations in the following years.

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The fact that the official website for Tokyo Revengers anime announced last Monday on December 27th, that they will be finding a new voice actor for the character of Draken, which confirms that the studio is working on the second season. The team behind the show also added that they are working on Christmas Showdown, while they are looking for an appropriate voice actor for the voice of Draken.

Suzuki, the voice actor, went on a hiatus from all entertainment activities and arrangements, which is the main reason behind his departure from the popular anime show. Fans were offered to have their tickets refunded for a special TV Anime Tokyo Revengers Touring as Suzuki didn’t make an appearance at the event on December 18th.

The good news is that the team behind the anime show is working on the next installation in the franchise and we might soon get the exact release date for the next Tokyo Revengers season.  

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