Top 15 Live-Action Superman Suits, Ranked

All Live-Action Superman Suits, Ranked

Superman is, as we all know, one of the best, most popular, and strongest comic book characters ever. The guy has been around since 1938 and is one of DC Comics’ biggest assets. Throughout his career, Superman has – for the most part – embodies the ideals of heroism and his name has, somewhat, become a synonym for superheroism in general. Of course, the character’s popularity resulted in a series of major adaptations, both live-action and animated, and in this article, we are going to talk about one specific aspect of these adaptations – the Superman suit!

The suit had been one of the most controversial aspects of each adaptation, as many fans judge an adaptation based on the quality of the suit (and this happens even before the movie is released, which says enough about the importance of the suit!). Over the years, numerous live-action Superman have been portrayed wearing different versions of the iconic suit and in this article, we have decided to rank the 15 best Superman suits as they appeared on the big screen and in various television series.

The suits are going to be ranked from 15th to 1st place and we are going to comment on each of them and explain why we ranked it as we did.

15. Tom Welling’s Suit

image 2024 06 26 165416505

Appearances: Smallville

The only reason why we did not rank Welling’s Smallville suit higher is that we did not see much of it. It is an iconic piece of Superman history but we did not see enough of it, even though we wanted to see more of it. This is why we decided to start off the list with this suit.

14. Nicholas Cage’s Suit

image 2024 06 26 165648316

Appearances: The Flash

There have been several iterations of this suit, but the one we had to go with was the one seen in The Flash, as that is the only on-screen one; the rest are just promotional photos for the scrapped Burton film. And the suit is… strange, so to say… maybe it was just the film’s horrible CGI, but this one definitely did not deliver.

13. Dean Cain‘s Suit

image 2024 06 26 170714404

Appearances: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

This was a very strange suit by all standards. The cape was off, the material was too spandex-y (it was shiny), the chest was too revealing, and the logo was also a bit strange. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman won’t go down in history as one of the best adaptations of all time, and the suit is merely a reflection of that fact, so we won’t really remember it.

12. John Haymes Newton’s Suit

image 2024 06 26 172455398

Appearances: Superboy

You might have forgotten about this series, but Superboy was a thing at one point, and Superman appeared in the series as a supporting character. He was initially played by John Haymes Newton, whose suit definitely won’t go down in history. It was a very simple, basic suit, and the only reason why it’s above Cain’s suit is that it’s not as flashy, so we decided to honor that.

11. Gerard Christopher’s Suit

image 2024 06 26 172718017

Appearances: Superboy

This is basically the same suit as Newton’s since Christopher was the one who replaced Newton in the series. In that aspect, we have nothing to add here, i.e., everything we’ve said above can be applied here as well.

10. Kirk Aylin’s Suit

image 2024 06 26 165915476

Appearances: Superman, Atom Man vs. Superman

This is a classic Superman suit from the black-and-white movies, something inspired by the comic books of the time, but it was a relatively simple suit, and the belt did little to nothing to help the overall design. And while it did surpass the other five, it definitely won’t end up as one of the best Superman suits of all time, we can promise you that. But it has a lot of historical value since it was the first one, so we have to give it credit there!

9. George Reeves’ Suit

image 2024 06 26 171038650

Appearances: Superman and the Mole-Men

George Reeves’ suit was a much better classic variant than Aylin’s and George Reeves is often considered to be the better black-and-white Superman than Aylin. And while the suit was similar to Aylin’s, it wasn’t as tight, the belt was a bit more subtle, and it all looked better and more authentic in general, which is why we decided to place it here, above the rest.

8. Tyler Hoechlin‘s Flashback Suit

image 2024 06 26 171832404

Appearances: Arrowverse

The first of two of Hoechlin’s appearances on this list, the Flashback suit is a not to the classic Superman suits, as well as the classic comic books, which is why it has some relevance, but the overall design wasn’t satisfactory. The belt was a bit odd, and the logo made no sense at all, but it was still not that bad, to be fair.

7. Tyler Hoechlin‘s Original Suit

image 2024 06 26 171316494

Appearances: Arrowverse

Tyler Hoechlin’s suit was a refreshing take when it first appeared, especially since it was partially based on Henry Cavill’s great suit, but it added something of its own to make it special. The cape was brilliant and the logo is still one of the best ones of all time. The belt is also quite subtle and the overall impression is that Hoechlin looks quite good in the suit. Why not higher then, you ask? Well, it’s not the most original one, so we had to take that into account as well!

6. David Corenswet’s Suit

image 2024 06 26 173137029

Appearances: Superman

It remains to be seen how well Corenswet will do as Superman in the DCU, but the suit looks fine. It is a bit different, a bit more futuristic than some fans are used to, but it takes the best elements of some of the previous suits and creates a very impressive and interesting design for a new era, which is why we decided to place it here.

5. Henry Cavill’s Original Suit

image 2024 06 26 173328374

Appearances: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League

When Henry Cavill took on the role of the Man of Steel, the new suit was something that impressed a lot of people. The material was different, and it looked alien, which was a nod to Superman’s heritage. It also looked visually impressive and dominant, which further increased its quality. This will definitely go down as one of the best suits of all time, and it also inspired a lot of later suits.

4. Brandon Routh’s Original Suit

image 2024 06 26 173850753

Appearances: Superman Returns

Bryan Singer decided to do a light reboot of Reeve’s series and cast Brandon Routh as Superman, and the then-young actor did a pretty fine job. The suit was a nod to Reeve’s original suit but was more modern and more impressive. It emphasized the heroism of Routh’s characters and it managed to be original while remaining true to the original that inspired it, which is great in our book.

3. Brandon Routh’s Crisis Suit

image 2024 06 26 174046964

Appearances: Arrowverse

Routh returned to the role of Superman in the Arrowverse, with a new alternative universe suit. It was not only his original Superman suit but also something new and refreshing, as well as impressive. It added a level of dignity to this version of the character, and it fit Routh perfectly, which is why we decided to rank it so high on this list.

2. Henry Cavill’s Black Suit

image 2024 06 26 173416316

Appearances: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The black suit is one of the most important pieces of the Superman lore in general, so when fans got news that the Snyder Cut would include it, everyone was quite excited. And the black suit truly delivered. It was epic, it was visually impressive and it gave another layer of quality to Cavill’s version of the character. In our book, this is definitely one of the best suits of all time.

1. Christopher Reeve’s Suit

image 2024 06 26 174333045

Appearances: Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Was there really any doubt about this at all? Christopher Reeve remains the ultimate live-action Superman, and everything about his appearance is impressive. The suit is comic book accurate, it makes Reeve look heroic and dignified, which is why there was no doubt that we would put it in the first place!

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