Top Anime Coming Out In January 2022 on Netflix

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Netflix seems to be aiming to become one of the top go-to places for good anime shows as the streaming giant is adding more old and new as well as popular and less popular anime series to their list. In case you are looking for new anime shows coming out on Netflix, you’ll be thrilled to know that there will be new shows and seasons added in January 2022. Let’s see what January will be like for anime fans on Netflix.

Komi Can’t Communicate

If you loved the awkwardly gorgeous Komi and followed up on her journey towards making 100 friends by the end of her high school days, you will be thrilled to know that Netflix just released the last episode of the first season on January 6th. You might get a bit emotional with the last episode in case you loved the show, but likely, the second season is already confirmed, so there’ll be more from Komi to come.

Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series – Part 2

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The show left us with Ash defeating Gallade and Rinto in a challenge that can be categorized as more than epic for Pokemon fans. Pokemon Master Journeys is back on Netflix with a great number of episodes as we are following the journey of Ash as he strives to reach the top of The World Coronation Series. The second part won’t be out until January 21st when you will be able to watch the new episodes on Netflix.

The Orbital Children

If you are into sci-fi anime, you may find a new favorite on Netflix once The Orbital Children anime series is released. The anime is set in the future and is following a story of time-travelling kids. Thei enthusiasm and peace is disrupted as they find themselves in a battle against evil, trying to protect the mankind. The series will become available for streaming on Netflix on January 28th.