Top Insane Things That Happened in Euphoria S02E04


Euphoria is easily HBO’s best TV show on air right now. In 2019, it premiered to wide acclaim from critics and audiences alike and it’s long awaited second season started airing this year and with each episode, more insane stuff keeps happening. In his own words, Euphoria’s writer and director Sam Levinson called Season 2 Episode 4 a pivotal episode for the show and for the characters too. He was not kidding because some really insane stuff did happen during the episode.

Maddie and Nate are back together. Maddie’s and Nate’s relationship is one of those relationships that is called a “dumpster fire of a relationship.” On one hand, Nate is very abusive to Maddie physically and emotionally. Most of their sexual encounters are very rough. Nate gaslights Maddie every time she accuses him of being emotionally unavailable. On the other hand, Maddie is paranoid and manipulative.

Trouble in paradise for Rue and Jules. Apart from Rue’s abuse of hard drugs, her relationship with Jules is another point of focus in the show. Rue was immediately attracted to Jules from the first time she saw her. Rue claims to be very in love with Jules but in this episode, an argument starts in the car which ends with Rue claiming that she can’t stand Jules.

Nate’s dad is gone. Like a dark shadow, Cal is always hovering around Nate causing him unimaginable psychological and physical pain. In an origin story for the character, it had been revealed that Cal was once in love with his best friend and after they shared a kiss, Cal was trapped into a relationship with a girl he’d gotten pregnant. After he revisits the first place where they had shared a kiss as teenagers as he was a grown man 20 years later, Cal comes home, causes a huge scene and then announces that he’s leaving his family.

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Rue is back on drugs. Rue had promised many people that she was going to stay clean after escaping death narrowly from an overdose. Among them were her mother, sister, girlfriend and her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor. She didn’t keep the promise. Towards the end of the episode, Rue takes some pills and has some sort of “otherworldly experience” where she gets to interact with her late father, but all in her head. But in all fairness, she did say that she had no intentions of staying clean.

Trouble in paradise for Jules and Rue. It didn’t start in the car. Way before the car, Jules had nearly made a mistake. Elliot, Rue’s new friend is trouble for Jules and Rue. In what was supposed to be a friendly advice situation, Jules and Elliot ended up making out in bed with both visibly aroused. Elliott did reveal that he found Jules and Rue attractive and he wasn’t trying hard to keep a distance between them.

Euphoria is airing on Sundays at 9pm on HBO and is available to stream later on HBOMax.