Top List

This is one of our most diverse categories in terms of the content it is filled with, as content from practically every other category can be found in this one. Top lists are important for fiction. Whether it’s something related to a work of art or a character, we’ll probably be able to compose a ranked list for you to enjoy. These lists are useful sources of information. Namely, they provide you with a lot of information you can use either to find something similar to what you’re looking for, or to use the information as arguments in a debate. This is why the nature of our lists is so diverse.


Namely, the lists we provide you with are quite intriguing from several different perspectives. For one, we have lists that rank the works based on quality, whether it’s within a specific franchise or a mix of different ones connected by a common element. We have lists that rank the best works that are similar to a work you like, which is why you’re looking for something similar in the first place. We also have character-related lists that rank the best, most popular, or strongest characters from one or multiple franchises. What we take pride in especially is the fact that all of these lists are written by our expert writers who know what they are writing about, which is why they are able to provide you with the best and most reliable lists out there, which – on the other hand – is what makes us stand out among the competition.