‘Tribes of Europa’: Trailer for the New Netflix German Dystopian Series Released!

104882 tribes of europa poster 1

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Netflix brings us another interesting European genre series early next year. This time it’s called Tribes of Europa, a German dystopian series for which we received the first teaser trailer and poster today.

Interestingly, Tribes of Europa comes from the creators of the hugely popular Netflix series Dark, which ended its story this year. The screenwriter and showrunner is Philipp Koch, while Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann (Dark) are executive producers.

The year is 2074. After a mysterious global catastrophe, what is left of Europe is shattered into countless micro-states with several so-called “tribes” fighting for dominance over the continent. This is a post-apocalyptic, adventurous saga about three brothers and sisters who are forced to change the destiny of this new Europe.

104882 tribes of europa poster

Starring Emilio Sakraya (Warrior Nun), Henriette Confurius (The Beloved Sisters), David Ali Rashed (The Perfect Secret), Oliver Masucci (Dark), James Falkner (Game of Thrones) and Melika Foroutan (Mediterraneo).

Tribes of Europa arrives on Netflix on February 19, 2021, with all six episodes.

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