‘Tron: Ares’ – The Awaited Sequel Set To Start Production Post-Holidays

Tron: Ares

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After a series of delays, Disney’s “Tron: Ares” is finally gearing up to begin filming. This much-anticipated sequel to “Tron: Legacy” has been a hot topic for fans and industry insiders alike. The film is directed by Joachim Rønning, known for his work on “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” and features Jared Leto in a leading role.

The project faced hurdles due to writers’ and actors’ strikes, but with these issues now resolved, the production is set to start in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to Collider, the cameras will start rolling either in late December or early January.

“Tron: Ares” boasts an impressive cast, including names like Evan Peters, Jodie Turner-Smith, Greta Lee, and Cameron Monaghan. The excitement around this project isn’t just due to its cinematic prospects; it also ties in with Disney’s recent launch of the Tron Lightcycle Run attraction at Walt Disney World.


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Justin Springer, the producer of the film, shared his enthusiasm and caution, emphasizing the importance of getting the story and team right. “We want to make sure we have a movie that feels like it meets the ambition of the things that have come before it,” he stated in an interview with ComicBook.com. This approach reflects a dedication to maintaining the legacy and quality of the Tron franchise.

Interestingly, Steven Lisberger, the original Tron director, isn’t directly involved in this new installment. However, he’s still playing a crucial role, providing advice and guidance, much like a mentor. He likened his role to that of “Obi-Wan,” offering wisdom to the new team.

With its combination of a talented cast, experienced director, and ties to a beloved franchise, “Tron: Ares” is shaping up to be a significant release for Disney. Fans eagerly await more details as the production nears its start, hoping that this sequel will capture the innovative spirit of its predecessors.

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