Tsukasa Tanimai’s Popular Novel Series ‘Teogonia’ to Get Anime Adaptation!

Tsukasa Tanimai's Popular Novel Series 'Teogonia' to Get Anime Adaptation!

In 2017, Tsukasa Tanimai started his isekai adventure novel series Teogonia. Since then, the novel has been adapted into a light novel series (starting in 2018; 3 volumes as of the time of writing), and a manga series (also starting in 2018; 10 volumes as of the time of writing). An anime adaptation had not been announced at the time, but we are happy to confirm that today brings some great news for fans of the series – an anime adaptation is officially in the works, as has been confirmed!

At the moment, information about the upcoming adaptation is scarce, but even such a short confirmation is definitely a great piece of news that we can thoroughly enjoy.

The series itself has sold more than 500,000 copies overall, and that popularity is what motivated the studios to consider an anime adaptation. As of the time of writing, it is not known which studio will produce the anime, nor which staff members are going to participate. The only thing we actually do have is a teaser visual of the upcoming anime series, which you can check out here on Anime Horizon, as per usual. Here it is:

teogonia teaser rgb

The visual looks great, but it doesn’t reveal much unless you’re a fan of the original series; in that case, you will be familiar with the series and what this teaser represents. The official plot summary reveals the following about Teogonia:

It’s a time of warfare where relentless battles continue between human and demi-human tribes like the Ash Monkeys (Macaque) and pig people (Ogres) invading human lands. Kai, a boy from the village of Rag, spends his days immersed in battle to protect his village. Amidst the harsh battles enforced by those possessing immense power known as “guardian bearers,” and as his comrades fall one by one, Kai suddenly recalls memories he shouldn’t have experienced – memories of a world with advanced technology and knowledge of people’s lives beyond this world. And thus, although Kai was just a villager, he soon finds himself embroiled in great trials… A magnificent fantasy tale unfolds, chronicling the struggle and growth of a single boy in a harsh world.

This is all we have at the moment. No cast members have been announced either, and we do not know who is going to distribute the series internationally. This has just been confirmed, so this information is fresh off the print, but be sure to keep following us here on Anime Horizon, as we are going to bring you all the latest updates on this series as soon as they arrive, as we usually do. Until then, do enjoy the teaser we have received!

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