TV Anime ‘I’m Quitting Heroing’ Releases Key Visual, April Premiere


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Quantum’s light novel I’m Quitting Heroing (Yūsha, Yamemasu) revealed its key visual and premiere month. According to the news announced on the upcoming TV anime’s website, the fantasy series will air this April on Tokyo MX, AT-X, and other stations. 

Check out the key visual below: 


On October 20 last year, KADOKAWAanime uploaded the anime’s 1st promotional video (PV). Since its release, the short clip has garnered over 900,000 views. You can view the PV below:

I’m Quitting Heroing light novel currently has three volumes in circulation since its release in December 2017. The manga adaption under the same title has five volumes and began in May 2018. Kadokawa Shoten is publishing the manga. EMT Squared Studio will handle the upcoming anime adaptation, with Yuu Nobuta as director and Shigeru Murakoshi as the scriptwriter. 

The fantasy series follows the protagonist’s adventures, Leo Demonheart- the world’s savior from the Demon King’s army invasion. Sadly, instead of being praised for his gallant efforts, he’s instead feared by the people and banished from the land. What does he do next? He sides with the enemy and helps the Demon King rebuild his army. 


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Kensho Ono will be voicing Leo Demonheart. The exact date and other information such as opening and ending theme songs have not yet been released. More information will be announced in the coming days. 

You can stay tuned to the latest information on I’m Quitting Heroing by following the latest updates on their website. 

Source: Comic Natalie, Official Website of I’m Quitting Heroing

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