TV Anime ‘Police in a Pod’ Premiers on January 5th, Opening Video Released

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Miko Yasu’s comedy manga Police in a Pod is set to premiere as a TV Anime on January 5th on Tokyo MX and other stations. With over 19 volumes and counting, the hit series has had millions of copies in circulation since its release in November 2017. 

The police comedy has two female police officer protagonists, Mai Kawai and Seiko Fuji. A few days before officer Kawai was to hand in her resignation letter, she met the beautiful ace chief Fuji. 

Fuji excelled as a detective in her department but was transferred to work in a police box because of power harassment. Kawai was immediately drawn to officer Fuji and decided that her time as a police officer wasn’t nearing its end. 


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On January 1st, KADOKAanime released the Opening Video to the upcoming anime. 

You can watch the catchy OP below: 

According to the Police in a Pod’s official website, the first episode is titled “Unboxing and Sandbagging.” A short synopsis and stills from the episode are shown on the website. 

The episode will start with officer Kawai tired of her job as an unpopular police officer. She then meets officer Fuji, and the two head out to patrol. Kawai witnesses Fuji’s exceptional ability as an officer and is inspired to become a better officer. 

Here are some stills from the first episode: 

19 1

Be sure to catch the comedic adventures of officers Kawai and Fuji in this upcoming TV Anime! 

Source: Comic Natalie, Official Website

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