Two more Game of Thrones animated spin-offs seem to be in development!

Two more Game of Thrones animated spin-offs seem to be in development!

The Game of Thrones saga continues, or at least the saga of the Game of Thrones spin-off series. Today came the news that HBO Max is developing two more animated series set in the world of Game of Thrones, which makes a total of three such projects so far. The first animated series was announced back in January this year (without any information about the focus of the series), and it has now been revealed that they could potentially get two more series.

Before we get into the details currently available for these projects we need to inform you that HBO has given up on one of their feature Game of Thrones spin-offs, more specifically a series that was evolving called Flea Bottom and was supposed to focus on the poorest Kraljeva Grudobrana district.

As for the new animated series, absolutely nothing is known about one, but that’s why we have some details for the other. It will be located in the Golden Empire of Yi Ti (or simply Yi Ti), a region in the far east of Essos that is home to one of the oldest and most advanced societies in the widespread fantasy world of author George R.R. Martina.

Yi Ti was supposedly inspired by imperial China, just as Westeros was somewhat inspired by medieval Europe. Interestingly, the Yi Ti region was once briefly mentioned in the second spin-off of Game of Thrones – House of the Dragon, with a link to the character of Corlys Velaryon aka The Sea Snake.

HBO has so far declined to comment on news related to the two new animated projects. Also still only one spin-off series of Game of Thrones is officially in production, and that is House of the Dragon which is expected in 2022 on HBO and the HBO Max platform. The House of the Dragon series is a prequel focused on the Targaryen house, more precisely on the beginnings of the House of Dragons.

Based on the original material of George RR Martin’s “Fire and Blood”, the series will show the rise and fall of the House of Targaryen, from the arrival of Aegon the Conqueror in Westeros to the Dragon Dance, civil or family war, which eventually ended with the death of most dragons. for the Mad King and the rebellion of Robert Baratheon.

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