Undead Unluck: What Are the Artifacts & How Powerful Are They?

Undead Unluck: What Are the Artifacts & How Powerful Are They?

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers and abilities. We have talked mostly about the characters, some important moments, and even the UMAs, but not about the Artifacts, which are also an important part of the lore. In this article, we are going to discuss the Artifacts in general and reveal how powerful they are and why they are so important for the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Artifacts are special objects that are an exceptionally important part of the Undead Unluck lore. They are – more or less – common, everyday objects with special abilities.
  • The humans don’t know the origins of these objects, and before actually witnessing their powers, they cannot identify them as Artifacts, as they are mysterious and well camouflaged.
  • The Artifacts were actually created by Luna, the second deity of Undead Unluck, as a means of helping the humans against Sun and his, more or less, rigged game.

The Artifacts are both important and very powerful

Within the lore of Undead Unluck, the Artifacts are ordinary objects with immense power that bestow onto their possessor a variety of unique skills. Luna formed them in response to Sun’s oppressive demands on the humans during their game; you can read more about this in the next section of this article. They have generally remained in the background, yet despite their varied forms and sizes; they are incredibly potent weapons that the Negators need to defeat Sun and his rigged game of Loops.

So far, a total of 22 Artifacts have been identified in the series:

ApocalypseBookIt helps the Negators to accept
Quests, and it is also a very loyal
servant of God in Undead Unluck.
Nyoi-Kinko StaffBo staffA weapon that can expand and
retrieve as the user wishes.
Blade RunnerPair of metal prosthetic legsFunction as artificial legs that
give the user offensive and
defensive abilities.
Unnamed Revolver ArtifactRevolverFunctions like a regular revolver.
Kinto’un CloudCloudA magical cloud that flies.
G-LinerPenIt can make whatever the user
draws become real, and it also
provides awareness of a Loop.
Soul CaliberOrbTakes a soul out of a person’s body
and seals it into an object.
Life Is StrangeTime dialThe owner can control the time of
a target by reviewing it or fast-
forwarding it.
Game of DeathPrayer beadsThe owner can seal anyone they
kill into one of the beads. They then
have to protect the owner and do
whatever is asked of them.
Zuishin Tekkan RodNunchakuIt has four specific forms and
each form has a specific
ability of its own.
AegisShieldA powerful shield that can
endure even Sun’s attacks.
RememberCardControls memories by either
erasing them, or by restoring
someone’s memories of their
previous Loops.
ArkTableInitiates the Quests and allows
someone to live into the next
RebellionSacred spiritA sentient spirit weapon that can
possess a person and feed on
their negative emotions, becoming
stronger if the emotions are
stronger as well.
Basho FanFanCan create powerful gusts of
wind with a simple wave.
D-2100SubmarineActs like a regular submarine.
DiscUFOAn exceptionally powerful weapon.
Enoh JusshuSpinning topSeals a Negator’s soul into a top
and then has them battle another
EntrusterDollConverts the feelings of the user
into power, but one must offer
their body.
KofusaiDice roll cup with diceTwo players wage something of
equal or greater value to their lives.
The dice are then rolled, and the
players must guess if it’s “odd” or
“even”; if they guess correctly,
they win what the other wagered.
HeartUndiscoveredSo far, the only undiscovered Artifact.


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Who created the Artifacts in Undead Unluck?

If you’re wondering how the Artifacts even came to be, let us remind you of what we’ve told you about the origins of the world of Undead Unluck. Many Loops ago, two deities decided to create the world and inhabit it with humans. They were the tyrannical Sun, who sadistically enjoyed the suffering and misery of the humans, and the benevolent Luna, who was not hostile towards the humans. After creating the world, the two of them decided that they should play a game.

The game was as follows: the gods would let the humans live through the Loops and observe whether their creations could reach them. And while Sun actively sabotaged them in this game, Luna provided them with a form of assistance – the Artifacts. So, yes, Luna is the one who actually created the Artifacts and she is the one responsible for their appearance on Earth. They are both a testament to her amazing powers, as well as a form of aid to the players she is cheering on in the game.

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