Undead Unluck: Who Is Luna & Why Did She Create the Artifacts? Meet the Series’ Benevolent Goddess!

Undead Unluck: Who Is Luna & Why Did She Create the Artifacts? Meet the Series' Benevolent Goddess!

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers and abilities. But, aside from these, the world of Undead Unluck is also filled with various intriguing characters, and this article will be dedicated to one of the more intriguing ones from the manga – the benevolent goddess Luna, who is a rival of Sun in their shared game.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Luna is a very important character from the Undead Unluck manga and anime series. She is a powerful deity and her story is closely related to that of Sun, the other god of Undead Unluck.
  • Sun and Luna created the world a long time ago and the two of them then decided to play a game to see whether their creations – the humans – would eventually be able to reach them at one point.
  • Although she has sided with the humans, she tends to remain neutral, but she did create the Artifacts as a way of helping her side against the sadistic tyranny of Sun.

Luna is one of the two deities of Undead Unluck

The world of Undead Unluck has introduced us to many characters, but only a few of them can measure up to the two deities of the lore. We have already talked about the Sun, the sadistic and tyrannical deity of the world of Undead Unluck, so it is now time to talk about his polar opposite, the gentle and benevolent Luna, who is completely different than everything the Sun represents. We are now going to tell you a bit about her.

Like Sun, Luna is exceptionally powerful and very enigmatic as well. She is a female deity, but has only been seen as a silhouette; we know that she likes to drink tea and that she is wearing a shawl, but not much is known about her appearance aside from these two facts. She, alongside, Sun, created the world many Loops ago and the two of them then decided to start a game to see whether their creations – the humans – would be able to reach them eventually.

When the game started, Luna decided to be on the side of the humans, whereas Sun decided to become the sadistic tyrant working against the humans. Still, Luna is a supporter of humans, but she doesn’t actively help them and is not really cheering them on. She has a generally calm personality and is generally unfazed by things, with the only exception being the rules – she can get quite upset if rules are broken. Although she does support the humans’ tendencies, she doesn’t really have too much compassion and is more often neutral.

Still, she would like to see the humans reach them, which is why she is keeping an eye on what is going on during the 101st Loop, seeing how Fuuko is now leading another attempt to win in the game against Sun.


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Luna created the Artifacts to help humans

We know that Luna is undoubtedly powerful – this makes sense seeing how she created the world alongside Sun and from what we could gather, the two of them are completely equal. Sun might be more destructive, but the series has not implied that he is actually stronger than Luna in any way; they just have very different personalities, but they seem to be on the same level of power.

Sadly, we know very little of Luna’s powers. While Sun’s powers and his influence have been seen, Luna has been in the background for most of the time and we really know very little of her powers and abilities in the series. We do know, though, that Luna did help create the Artifacts, and while it was just part of her shared game with Sun, it was still a big help for the humans, who have been using these Artifacts to improve their situation in the game.

The Artifacts are common objects that hold great power and they are actually a testament of Luna’s true powers, as the fact that she was actually able to create such powers speaks for itself. And that is it, as far as her story is concerned – these are the most important facts you need to know at this moment, but be prepared, as more information is certainly going to be revealed later in the series.

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