Upcoming ‘Grendel’ Movie Confirms Star-Filled Cast, Including Jeff Bridges, Dave Bautista, Bryan Cranston, and Others…

Upcoming 'Grendel' Movie Confirms Star-Filled Cast, including Jeff Bridges, Dave Bautista, Bryan Cranston, and Others...

The story of Beowulf and Grendel is one of the most famous stories in English literature. The epic Beowulf is one of the most important works of English literature in general and it has been an inspiration for many authors over the centuries. We have also had numerous adaptations of the work, including the animated film from 2007, but all of them focused on the heroic tale of Beowulf, the hero of the story. But, the story also has another important character – Grendel – the monster and Beowulf’s rival in the story.

Grendel is finally going to get the chance to tell you his side of the story, as the movie Grendel will be released soon, with Palisades Park Pictures is launching international sales ahead of Cannes.

But that is actually not the main piece of news we have for you today. Namely, the cast of the upcoming movie has been confirmed and we’re quite excited about it, as it has been a while since a movie had such a star-filled cast like the upcoming Grendel movie!

The movie will be directed by Robert D. Krzykowski (The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot) and will tell Grendel’s side of the narrative, showing us a wholly different point of view on the legendary story. Krzykowski has also written the script for the movie, an adaptation of John Gardner’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name.

As for the production team behind it, we have Brian Henson (The Muppet Christmas CarolFarscape) and Vince Raisa (The Happytime Murders) for The Jim Henson Company, Krzykowski and Jay Glazer (Body LanguageGet Luke Lowe), Dennis Berardi (Monster HunterFrankenstein), and Jon D. Wagner (Bone TomahawkHaunt), while executive producers include Jeff Bridges, John Sayles (Lone StarEight Men Out), Tamara Birkemoe, and Joe Jenckes of Ashland Hill Media Finance.

Now that we have revealed this, it is time for the cast. We can confirm that legendary Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges has been cast as Grendel, the main character of the movie, but he will also be joined by numerous other stars. These include Dave Bautista (Dune: Part Two) as Beowulf, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as King Hrothgar, Sam Elliott (A Star is Born) as The Dragon, Thomasin McKenzie (Last Night in Soho) as Queen Wealhtheow, and Aidan Turner (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies) as Unferth, while record producer T Bone Burnett will appear as the Shifter, as well as compose the score for the film.

The names definitely point to Grendel being a major hit, but we’ll have to wait for more updates, as we don’t know anything at this point; we don’t even have a release window, but we hope that we won’t have to wait too long for the movie. Of course, we are going to keep you updates, so be sure to keep following us!

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