Valkyrie vs. Lady Sif vs. Mighty Thor Jane Foster: Which Thor Female Hero Is the Strongest?

The Thor movie franchise has seen its fair share of strong and powerful female characters over the course of three movies. Of course, a fourth movie in the form of Thor: Love and Thunder is about to add to the total number of different movies and strong female characters in the Thor film franchise. Right now, we have three main female Thor heroes in the form of Valkyrie, Lady Sif, and Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor. But who among them is the strongest?

Jane Foster is most likely stronger than both Valkyrie and Lady Sif, who themselves are also quite strong. That’s because she has the powers and abilities of Thor. She might not be as experienced as both Valkyrie and Lady Sif, but her overall abilities as the Mighty Thor give her the advantage.

As strong as Valkyrie and Lady Sif are, it is difficult to pit them against a character that has inherited most, if not all, of Thor’s powers. We know that Thor is leagues ahead of both Valkyrie and Sif, with or without Mjolnir or Stormbreaker. With Jane inheriting his powers, she is undoubtedly the strongest out of the three. That said, let’s look at the details behind this triple-threat battle.

Physical Attributes

Valkyrie has all of the different physical attributes of an Asgardian in the sense that she is a lot stronger, faster, and more durable than any regular person. However, she is also well above any other Asgardian as well because she has the ability to lift over 45 tons, while the average Asgardian male lifts somewhere close to 30 tons. That means that she is incredibly powerful compared to her fellow Asgardian.

Lady Sif also has dense muscle fibers, thanks to her Asgardian physiology. This means that she is stronger, faster, and more durable than any regular human being. However, Sif is also stronger than the average Asgardian female and is just as strong as the average Asgardian male because she can lift 30 tons. As such, she is pretty formidable, despite the fact that she isn’t as strong as Valkyrie.

Mighty Thor Jane Foster, on the other hand, has all of the physical attributes of Thor himself, who is well beyond the normal strength of any known Asgardian. This means that she is not only far superior to any regular Asgardian but is also close to the original Thor’s strength. She can probably lift somewhere close to 100 tons and has the durability that could match her amazing strength.

Considering that Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is basically similar to Thor in terms of physical attributes, there is no doubt that she is physically the strongest, fastest, and most durable out of the three.

Valkyrie 0, Lady Sif 0, Mighty Thor 1


Valkyrie is a regular Asgardian in the sense that she doesn’t have any magical powers whatsoever. While there are some Asgardians born with powers and magical affinity, she isn’t one of them. As such, Valkyrie often gets by with her superior fighting ability and experience as a combatant.

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Lady Sif also doesn’t have any special powers that are unique to her. She is, in a sense, a superior version of a regular Asgardian because she is just stronger than the average Asgardian male and has better fighting abilities that allow her to become one of Thor’s companions. That is why she doesn’t really stand out in terms of her capabilities.

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor inherited Thor’s powers by virtue of the enchantment that Odin placed on the hammer Mjolnir. As such, she has the ability to control Thunder and even fly while wielding Mjolnir. It might be true that she is only limited to what Mjolnir allows her to do, but she still has more powers and abilities compared to the other heroes in this article.

The fact that Jane is basically a copy of Thor is what makes her far superior to Valkyrie and Lady Sif as far as her powers are concerned. As such, she takes this round again.

Valkyrie 0, Lady Sif 0, Mighty Thor 2


Experience-wise, Valkyrie has been fighting for as long as anyone can remember. In the MCU, she even pre-dates Thor as she was seen fighting Hela before Thor was even born. That means that she is one of the most experienced fighters in the entire MCU, as it is possible that she has been around for thousands of years and has seen countless battles throughout her lifetime.

Lady Sif herself is a veteran of many battles as she has been a companion to Thor for centuries. That means that her experience as a fighter is just as vast as any of the other fighters during Thor’s era in Asgard. Her experience as a fighter has become quite handy in both the MCU and the comics because she has helped Thor and the Warriors Three come out alive in difficult battles.

As strong as Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor is, she doesn’t have the same kind of experience that both Valkyrie and Lady Sif have. That’s because she has only been around for a few decades and only started fighting when she inherited the powers of the Mighty Thor. So, while she did inherit some of Thor’s powers, that doesn’t mean that she also inherited his experience as a fighter.

Valkyrie, being the oldest out of the three characters on this list, naturally takes this round because she has experienced more battles than any living Asgardian in the MCU.

Valkyrie 1, Lady Sif 0, Mighty Thor 2

Combat Skills

In the history of the MCU, only the strongest female fighters are chosen to become Valkyries. In that regard, it is easy to say that Valkyrie is one of the most skilled fighters in the entire history of Asger because she was strong enough to become a Valkyrie. Her fighting skills allowed her to survive fights with an incredibly powerful godlike being in the form of Hela. As such, there is no doubting her abilities in a straight-up fight.

Lady Sif is one of the most skilled fighters during Thor’s era as the protector of the Nine Realms, given the fact that she was skilled enough to be one of Thor’s companions. However, she is only a tad more skilled than the other members of the Warriors Three, who were quickly massacred by Hela when she took over Asger. This could mean that she probably isn’t as skilled as Valkyrie.

Jane Foster, meanwhile, never had any formal training as a fighter. As strong as her Mighty Thor powers are, she isn’t really that skilled in combat. The trailer does show that she has developed an affinity with Mjolnir, but she is yet to reach the combat skills of Valkyrie or, at the very least, Lady Sif

All that said, there is no doubt that the most skilled combatant out of the three is Valkyrie. She was so skilled that she became a Valkyrie, as Thor himself was star-struck when he found out that he was in the presence of a legendary Valkyrie.

Valkyrie 2, Lady Sif 0, Mighty Thor 2


Valkyrie is armed with a legendary weapon called the Dragonfang. Not much is known about the Dragonfang in the MCU, but this is a strong weapon in the comics as it is capable of enhancing the melee skills of whoever is using it. On top of that, Dragonfang can also absorb magic. Meanwhile, in Thor: Love and Thunder, Valkyrie is seen using Zeus’s thunderbolt, but we don’t know for certain how powerful this weapon is or how strong it is in the hands of Valkyrie.

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Lady Sif possesses a sword that was enchanted by Odin himself, and that means that her weapon is also quite strong compared to any of the other weapons in Asger. In the comics, right after Valkyrie’s death, Sif picked up and started wielding Dragonfang as it became her personal weapon. As such, she is also one of the wielders of the legendary weapon of the Valkyries.

Of course, Jane Foster wields the legendary hammer called Mjolnir, which was enchanted by Odin to allow its wielder to possess the powers of Thor, should the one holding it be deemed worthy. The hammer itself is one of the most powerful weapons in all of existence as it is made of Uru metal, which is the hardest known metal in the MCU. On top of that, Mjolnir also allows Jane to control thunder to some extent.

There is no doubt that the strongest weapon out of all of the weapons we mentioned is Mjolnir. It might be true that Valkyrie was seen using Zeus’s thunderbolt in the trailer, but we don’t really know how powerful it is in her hands. As such, we are giving this round to Jane Foster’s Mjolnir, which has always been one of the strongest weapons in the MCU.

Valkyrie 2, Lady Sif 0, Mighty Thor 3

Valkyrie vs. Lady Sif vs. Might Thor Jane Foster: Who Is The Strongest Thor Female Hero?

As seen from our discussion, it is clear that Mighty Thor Jane Foster is the strongest out of all of the female heroes in the Thor movie franchise. It might be true that both Valkyrie and Lady Sif outclass her in experience and combat skills. But the fact that Jane Foster possesses the physical abilities and the powers of Thor and has Mjolnir in her hands gives her the edge over both of them. This is no to say that Valkyrie and Lady Sif are far inferior to Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, but their experience and skills can only do so much against an extremely strong character that has the powers of Thor himself.

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