Vought Announced 32 Projects on their V52 Expo, the Parody of Disney D23

Vought Announced 32 Movies on their V52, the Parody of Disney D23

The Boys Season 4 has been going strong since its June 13, 2024 premiere and continues attracting a lot of attention, going strong into its penultimate season. The season is currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, and Amazon has reported that the series also saw an increase in viewership. Despite that, some fans are review-bombing the season due to its increased political undertone, but it seems that the parody that The Boys is serving us is absolutely the best part of the show. In the most recent episode, The Boys decided to take a stab at Disney, as their V52 Expo, a parody of Disney’s D23, announced a plethora of new projects.

The V52 Expo is a continuing parody of Disney, whose MCU efforts had already been satirized by the show. Of course, none of these projects will ever come to life, as they are fictional films, which is yet another brilliant meta moment seen in The Boys. The Expo was hosted by The Deep (Chace Crawford) and Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison), and it announced 32 films and shows for the VCU (Vought Cinematic Universe) Phases 7-10. 

Of course, the VCU is a parody of the MCU, and the number of phases and projects is an evident parody of the MCU’s megalomanic efforts to produce 4 to 5 films annually and several shows while, at the same time, maintaining a consistent level of quality and public interest. This, of course, failed, but as far as the VCU is concerned, the interest is high, and we are proud to announce every upcoming project:

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Phase 7

Phase 7 starts off with Training A-Train, which will feature the titular superhero A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) as well as Will Ferrell. This was foreshadowed in Episode 2 of this season, and the Expo also revealed the first trailer for the upcoming movie.

After that, we have Homelander: Land of the Free, Home of the Saved, a parody of the American anthem that will, no doubt, glorify Homelander. We will also see the new supe, Firecracker (Valorie Curry), in her solo project Firecracker: Lord’s Soldier, her first solo project in the VCU. Then we have The Seven Reborn, a sequel to the popular Dawn of the Seven.

We also found out that Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) will make his VCU debut with his new series Super School (although the title is subject to change). And, of course, we will also see another movie about The Deep, The Deep: Secrets of Atlantis. Ultimately, Phase 7 will close off with The Tek Knight, which is an obvious Batman parody. This covers Phase 7.

Phase 8

If you thought Phase 8 was going to be any smaller in scope, you were wrong. We start off with another movie about The Deep,The Deep: Lifeguard Summer, which promises to be an exciting summer blockbuster, while The Seven Returns promises to be a major hit for Vought that will establish a completely new and popular storyline.

Next, we have Homelander vs. Soldier Boy: Annihilation, whose title is more than obvious and will see Homelander kill his father, Soldier Boy. Also, A-Train will be back with another solo project, A-Train: Off the Tracks., and we also have more for fans of The Tek Knight, as The Tek Knight: Knight Light is also planned. G2: G-Men, a parody of X-Men, is also lined up for Phase 8.

Firecracker will also get another solo project in Phase 8 in the form of Firecracker: Heaven’s Miracle, while the Teenage Kix will get a series of films featuring the group of teen superheroes. Another movie is Home for Kwanzaa 2

Phase 9

Then we have Phase 9. It will kick off with Double Standard, whose reshoots just finished and which was described as the most expensive series of all time. A-Train will then feature in another solo project, A-Train: Into the Multiverse, which parodies multiple Multiverse projects from both the MCU and DC’s films, while Firecracker’s third film, Firecracker: God Help Me, has also been confirmed.

The Teenage Kix will also get a movie in Phase 9, titled Ditch Day!, and of course, there’s one additional film focusing on The Deep, titled The Deep: Gods & Dolphins. But, Homelander is also going to get another movie, Homelander: Justice Served, confirming that he does, indeed, survive the clash with Soldier Boy in the previous movie.

But, a big surprise is that Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) will be back in Black Noir 3: Back to Hanoi, which was a very exciting revelation. The Seven Forever will continue the main group films, while A Dark and Stormy Knight is a mystery that promises to entertain. Also, a third G-Men movie, G3: G-Men, will wrap up Phase 9 of the VCU.

Phase 10

Phase 10 is the final phase announced at the V52 Expo, and it will start off with Silent Vengeance 3: Vengeance Reloaded, a sequel to the hit film Silent Vengeance 2: Electric Boogaloo. The Guardians of the Galaxy are parodied with The Guardians of Godolkin: Flipped, which will feature Sam Riordan (Asa Germann) and Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips).

Speedwalkers 2: Mall Race! comes next, but there is also a new Tek Knight movie, Let There Be Knight, coming up. V52 is taking another stab at the X-Men series with G-Men: Days Past From the Future, which will continue the story of the G-Men.

Finally, the Teenage Kix will also get a movie in Phase 10, Sex-Ed, and the Phase will end with a cozy holiday film, Firecracker’s Christmas Wish

Oh, and if you thought that was all… Vought has confirmed that at least nine more phases are on the way, but they will provide us with more updates on that later. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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