‘Walker’ Ashley Reyes is a New Cordell’s Partner


After Lindsey Morgan, who played Cordell’s original partner Micki Ramirez, announced her retirement from Walker back in October, it was expected that Cordell (Jared Padalecki) would get a new partner to continue the beloved dynamic of the series.

The decision has been made and the new partner will be played by Ashley Reyes (How I Met Your FatherAmerican Gods) who will be joining a series as a regular named Cassie Perez.

Season 2 follows the Walker family and their friends as they are trying to move on from the events presented in first season and heal from the traumas they’ve endured. Reyes will appear in the next episode, Nudge, premiering March 3, in which a case of mistaken identity leads to the first meeting between her and Cordell. Cassie is spirited and unconventional woman who knows very well that in order to strive in her male-dominated workplace, she need to show strength and beat the odds which are often against her.

Reyes is currently playing a recurring role in How I Met Your Father, but is best known for her portrayal of Cordelia on Starz’s American Gods. Her Cassie will hopefully be great, but she does have a big shoes to fill, as Cordell’s previous strong-willed and intellectual partner was thoroughly liked by fans, and they are not happy she had to leave.

  • Melody Pond

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