Was Mace Windu Secretly a Sith Lord? Theory Explained


Mace Windu is one of the most accomplished Jedi Masters in Star Wars because he was the only one to beat Darth Sidious in a straight-up fight. That means he is one of the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars lore and was arguably the greatest duelist of his time. But the fact that he was strong enough to beat Palpatine made some fans cook up some theories regarding Windu’s possible allegiance to the dark side. So, was Mace Windu secretly a Sith Lord?

There was no way that Mace Windu was a Sith Lord because he was always loyal to the Jedi Order during his time. He even clashed ideals with Count Dooku when they went on a mission together as it was clear that Mace’s allegiance was to both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic.

It might be true that Mace Windu uses the most aggressive Jedi combat style we’ve seen in Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean he was a user of the dark side of the Force or even a Sith Lord. Of course, fans love to make theories regarding certain Star Wars characters, and Windu wasn’t spared from such theories. Now, let’s examine the theory regarding Mace Windu’s possible allegiance to the Sith.

The Mace Windu Sith Lord Theory Explained

Star Wars is one of the greatest fictional worlds ever created due to how huge its impact is on pop culture and how it has millions of fans worldwide. The fact that there are a lot of fans of Star Wars makes it one of the fictional worlds that many people geek out on. And that means some Star Wars fans tend to cook up different theories regarding characters.

One character that wasn’t spared from the theories of Star Wars fans was Mace Windu, who was one of the greatest Jedi Masters of his time and was arguably the greatest combatant that the Jedi Order could offer during the time of the Clone Wars. But the thing is that some fans believe that Mace Windu might have been Sith Lord. And let’s look at why some fans came up with the theory regarding Windu’s identity as a possible member of the Sith Order.

He Created Form VII: Vaapad

Form VII: Juyo is the most aggressive and reckless lightsaber combat form ever, and that’s why the Jedi forbid their own to use it. Juyo isn’t only reckless and so aggressive that it tends to make the practitioner emotional and angry. As such, it tends to pull the practitioner over to the dark side, which is why the Jedi Order didn’t teach it.

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But Mace Windu once tried his hand at Juyo and noticed that nothing was pulling him over to the dark side. For some reason, he was resistant to the aggressive and angry nature of Juyo, which was why the Jedi Order allowed him to practice Form VII. While practicing Form VII, he created a variant called Vaapad, a true Form VII that the Jedi could learn because it minimized the angry nature of Juyo.

Of course, one of the things that fans know about Windu’s Vaapad is that it can use the enemy’s darkness against them. That was one of the reasons why Windu could defeat Palpatine’s aggressive Juyo as he used his Vaapad to redirect the Sith Lord’s anger.


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Some fans believe that Vaapad could be the key to Windu’s secret allegiance to the dark side because he created the form during a time when the Sith was believed to have gone extinct. Why else would he try to use a lightsaber form meant to fight Sith Lords if the Sith were already gone? Some fans think he was a Sith Lord, which was why he created this form.

He Didn’t Trust Anakin

Ever since he met Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu didn’t seem to like him as he often considered him dangerous to the Jedi Order. At one point, he even questioned whether or not Skywalker was indeed the prophesized Chosen One because he thought that Anakin was too emotionally unstable and reckless.

That was why there was hardly a point where Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker saw each other eye to eye. Windu was also one of the Jedi Masters that denied Skywalker the rank of Master even though he was allowed to sit on the Jedi High Council.

anakin and windu

As such, if Windu was a Sith Lord, it is possible that he never trusted Anakin due to two reasons. The first was that Anakin’s innate talent threatened him, and he saw that the young Skywalker’s growing powers could threaten his place as a Sith. And the second was that he just didn’t like Anakin, so the young Jedi would use this to fuel his ambition and anger so that he could turn to the dark side faster.

He Allowed Three Jedi Masters to Die

Of course, when Anakin told Mace about the possibility that Palpatine could be the Sith Lord they had been looking for, Windu told Skywalker that he had earned his trust. That was when he took three Jedi Masters and prominent members of the Jedi Order with him to arrest Palpatine. And we know how that turned out as Darth Sidious quickly drove through three Jedi Masters before dueling with Mace Windu.


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So, if Mace was indeed a Sith Lord, he might have taken three Jedi Masters to Darth Sidious so that the Sith Lord could kill him, thus weakening the Jedi Order even further. This opens up the possibility that Windu sabotaged the Jedi from the inside with his decisions. And that was probably one of the reasons why the Jedi Order seemed flawed when Mace Windu was sitting on the Jedi Council as one of the highest-ranking members.

Mace Was Never a Sith Lord

Of course, while the above-mentioned factors could be good enough to convince other people that Mace Windu was secretly a Sith Lord, the one thing that we have been sure of is that there was never a point in time wherein George Lucas or any of the other writers of Star Wars said anything about him being a Sith Lord.


There’s also the fact that the Sith practiced the Rule of Two, which mandated that there should only be two Sith Lords at a time so that the Sith wouldn’t fight each other for power and so that they could hide their presence from the Jedi for centuries. Only two Sith Lords operating at a time ensured the secrecy of the survival of the Sith centuries after the Jedi thought that they had wiped the Sith from the face of the galaxy.

Because there were always two Sith Lords during Darth Sidous’ reign as the master of the Sith Order, it would be impossible for Mace Windu to be the third one. During the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Darth Sidious and Darth Maul were the master and the apprentice, respectively. Palpatine replaced Maul with Count Dooku after that. And after Dooku’s death, Palpatine groomed Anakin to replace him.

So, if Windu was indeed a Sith Lord, that would mean that they violated the mandate of the Sith Order. As evil as the Sith may have been, they were just as strict with their code as the Jedi were. And that meant that they had to follow the Rule of Two.

Mace Windu, of course, was always a champion of the Jedi Order. He was never a Sith Lord that tried to bring the Jedi down. His heart was always in the right place, as flawed as he may have been. He was a loyal Jedi from start to finish, and he even died trying to ensure that the Jedi Order and the Republic would not have to suffer the oppression of the Sith.

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