Was Steve Rogers a Virgin? She-Hulk Reveals the Truth

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law didn’t waste any time at all in introducing the comedy aspect of this legal comedy series as Jen Walters showed her quirky and childish side quite early when she was trying to talk Bruce Banner into revealing more about Steve Rogers’s sex life, or lack thereof. Jen tried to trace the steps regarding Captain America’s life and came to the conclusion that he simply didn’t have time for sex at all. So, was Steve Rogers a virgin?

Steve Rogers was not a virgin because Bruce Banner revealed in the post-credit scene that Captain America lost his virginity back in 1943 before he was frozen in ice. In that regard, this answers one of the biggest questions that MCU fans have in mind, as it has long been believed that he was a virgin.

The early part of She-Hulk was proof of the fact that the people behind the Marvel Studios projects have been listening to what people have to say about the characters. One such topic that some fans had in mind was the status of Steve Rogers’s virginity, as this was something that was answered in She-Hulk. That said, let’s look at what we learned about Captain America’s sex life.

Captain America’s Romantic Life

It was never a secret that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was going to be a legal comedy series that actually told a good MCU story in a different way. We saw this quite early in the pilot episode of the series when Jennifer Walters didn’t take too long before she broke the fourth wall and started speaking to the audience, much like how Deadpool does in his movies. Of course, there were a lot of different aspects that showcased the comedy part of this series, which could potentially become one of the funniest Marvel Studios projects in recent memory.

Jen Walters recounted the history behind how she became She-Hulk, as we were taken to a flashback moment wherein she and her cousin, Bruce Banner, were on the road and were catching up with each other’s life. That was when Jen opened up a topic that has always been one of the things that MCU fans have been talking about on the internet.


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Typical of her lawyer profession and her quirky and somewhat childish personality, Jen looked back on Steve Rogers’s life and career. This all led to her looking at Captain America’s romantic and sexual life, as she was basically proposing the possibility of him being a virgin when he supposedly died after the end of Endgame. Before we get there, let’s look at what Jen and we know about Captain America’s romantic life.

In the first Captain America movie, Steve Rogers was a scrawny kid that never had a girlfriend in his life because of his small stature as a person. After he became a super soldier through the serum that was administered to him, he didn’t have time for romance because he was called to serve the US military immediately. He went on tour throughout the entire country as a mascot before he finally went to Europe to aid the US forces in their fight against Hydra.

Despite being quite busy, he had a budding relationship with Peggy Carter, an agent working for Great Britain. He and Peggy never entered into an official relationship, but Steve was supposed to go on a date with her after the end of his mission against Red Skull and Hydra. Nevertheless, we knew that the date never happened because he got frozen in ice at the end of the movie.

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Of course, after he was fished out of the sea and was reintegrated into the world, Steve Rogers immediately went back to work again as a member of the Avengers and as an agent for SHIELD. It is needless to say that large events continued to happen all over the world and even in the universe. As such, Captain America never had time for a girlfriend or a few romantic relationships here and there because if he wasn’t fighting aliens and robots, he was hiding from the authorities when he was on the run.

There was that time when he was romantically involved with Sharon Carter, who happened to be Peggy’s granddaughter. However, that relationship didn’t take off. Steve was also quite close with Natasha Romanoff, but the relationship was quite platonic.

In that regard, it was easy to see why Jen Walters actually came to the conclusion that Steve Rogers left his Captain America service as a virgin because he didn’t have time for romance during the time he was working as an Avenger or when he was out on the run from the US government. Nevertheless, there were still things that we didn’t know about Steve, especially because there were undocumented events in between the times that we did see him on screen.

Was Steve Rogers A Virgin?

Jen Walters’s query about Steve Rogers’s sex life wasn’t answered during the early scenes when she and Bruce were on the road because they found themselves in a car crash when a Sakaaran spaceship surprised them. However, there was a pretty funny scene involving both Jen and Bruce during the post-credit scene.

The post-credit scene allowed us to see Jen, in her human form, and Bruce having drinks in Bruce’s bar in his beach house in Mexico. Jen was seemingly drunk because she was in her human form. As Bruce said, they can’t get drunk whenever they are in their Hulk forms because their bodies metabolize the alcohol quite rapidly.


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During that scene, a seemingly drunk Jen was going on and on about how she felt bad for Steve for “dying” as a virgin after all of the things that he did for his country. She even said something about how his ass didn’t deserve to die a virgin at all. And that was when an annoyed Bruce said something that he was supposed to keep to himself.

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He said that Steve Rogers lost his virginity in 1943 when he was on his USO tour, which was prior to when he officially joined the military and fought Hydra and the Germans during World War II. And Bruce probably told Jen that secret because he thought that his cousin was going to be too drunk to remember it in the morning.

Jen, however, was feigning her intoxication all along because she wasn’t drunk at that time. She was just probably trying to trick her cousin into revealing a secret that only he and a few other Avengers knew so that she could probably get an answer to one of the questions that had been bothering her the entire time.

So, to sum it all up, Steve Rogers wasn’t a virgin because he had sex before he got frozen in ice. As such, he was no longer a Virgin when he joined the Avengers. This also answers the question that some Marvel fans have regarding Captain America and the status of his sexual life.

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