Watch Order

Well, this is a section for those that want to know what they are watching. Franchises and series are usually complex with multiple installments that, at one point or another, diverge from the expected timeline in some way. Works with multiple installments that have a proper chronological timeline are rare. This is why viewers are often confused as to how to approach a series, especially if there are reboots, non-canon works, and alternative timelines involved; this is especially true when anime works are in question.


This is why we had our expert writers sit down and write down the proper watch orders for your favorite franchises. Whether it’s a movie series, a multi-season and multi-installment TV show, or a complex anime project, we’ve got you covered. Our writers are experts who know what they are writing about and will bring you the best and most precise watching order for any franchise or project you might think of. What makes out stand out among the competition is the fact that our writers have actually seen all of the works in question and know how to position them even when others do not. This is why this section is so valued and so popular, because it provides our readers with top-quality content that satisfies all of their needs.