‘Westworld’ Jeffrey Wright Shares Update on Season 4


Westworld is a dystopian science fiction series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The story is set in Westworld, a fictional amusement park populated by humanoid androids who are unaware of the nature of their existence. The Wild-West themed park is visited by wealthy guests who are free to indulge in their wildest fantasies and do whatever they please with androids – so they kill, rape and torture them, knowing they will suffer no consequences for their deeds.

Naturally, the plot developed, the robots gained consciousness and started a revolution and the series upgraded its status to an apocalyptic dystopia. Season 3 concluded on May 3, 2020 with the lowest-rated episode of the series to-date – Crisis Theory. Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard Lowe, is nonetheless excited about the upcoming season and is sure it’s going to air soon.


“Season 4 is going to be more of the Westworld you’ve come to expect and more digging down into some issues and some technology that is going to look familiar to us, as always. It’s gonna be exciting. I’m not sure exactly when we’re to air but within the coming months, certainly.”

In the interview, Wright also states that his character, who deeply cares about the park’s hosts, is still at the center of the struggle, and “still trying to solve it all” – but does not reveal will he finally succeed in doing so.

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