What Are Bonds Powers in Spy x Family & Can He See Into the Future?

Spy x Family Bond

Bond is the newest member of the made-up Forger family, introduced in the 11th episode of Spy x Family, he is the product of a highly confidential military experiment conducted under the former Ostanian regime. Since Bond has shown some very peculiar abilities in the show, a lot of fans have been wondering what are Bond’s powers exactly and if he can see into the future?

Bond has the ability to see the future. His codename was Subject 8, and he was a test subject during the Project Apple experiment which lead to him gaining the ability to see the future.

In this article, we will cover the extent of Bond Forger’s abilities and how does his power work? How far can he see into the future and is it possible for him to change the future by taking a different course of action?

What Are Bonds Powers?


Being involved in a military experiment, Bond has more heightened senses than ordinary dogs, he’s a trained dog who is capable of fighting grown adults, although his intelligence is severely lacking. According to Spy x Family Wiki, here are Bond’s abilities:

Precognition: due to the experiments done on him, he’s gained the ability to see into the future. Although the future he sees is not definite, he can change it depending on his actions, and even make plans for what is to come. So far, his ability only allows him to see a few seconds into the future but perhaps he will learn to use it more efficiently.

Heightened sense of smell: As a trained dog, Bond is able to sense and detect highly explosive materials and deadly chemicals.

Combat Training: Bond was initially a shy and meek dog but after receiving training from Loid, he’s able to take down a grown adult with relative ease, and detect potential threats.

Understanding Human Speech: Besides his supernatural powers and heightened senses, his ability to understand humans is the most amazing thing about him.

Bonds Precognition and Anyas Telepathy

Bond and Anya

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Anya and Bond are the perfect duos, both of their abilities correlate perfectly with each other.

Anya’s Telepathy allows her to read the mind of another person, she can also listen to the extreme emotions of people that are far away.

Bond pictures the events of the future in his mind, and Anya is able to read his mind which also gives her the ability to see the future; we’ve seen that during their first escape from the terrorist group.

Anya was also able to read the future of them greeting Bond into the family, while it is not sure if Bond himself has the ability to see that far into the future, perhaps Anya can read his mind to look further into the future.


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How Did Bond Get His Power?

Bond was a test subject during the Project Apple experiment which was created by the former Ostanian regime to create super-intelligent animals to aid in war but the experiment was deemed a failure and most of the animals were either sold off to different organizations or sold over at the black market.

Bond was among the few animals that developed intelligence and he alone attained a supernatural ability. His time at the facility was full of cruel experiments, he was given experimental drugs, fed disgusting food, and electrocuted at high voltages.

He is by no means a meek dog, but the experiments have left a scar in his mind which is why he is afraid of confrontation with bad guys, the memories of his time as a test subject still haunt him.

What Breed is Bond Forger?

What Breed is Bond

Bond Forger is a Great Pyrenees, this breed is known for its very large size and well-mannered behavior, they’re good family dogs who serve and protect their owners.

This makes Bond a perfect addition to the Forger family, he’s a gentle and affectionate pet who will do anything to keep Anya safe and fierce enough to intimidate anyone who tries to harm her.

He’s also shown to be quite a jelly bean, he always seeks affection from Anya and gets jealous even if she tries to play with her stuffed penguin. He’s also quite uppity when he’s in the mood for fun, it doesn’t take him long to steal the spotlight.

When Was Bond First Introduced?

Bond was openly introduced in the 17thchapter of the manga and the 11th episode of the anime series, he was taken in by a terrorist group who were planning to attack a foreign minister using dogs strapped with bombs.

He later showcases his ability when he saves a young kid from a falling board and later Anya reads his mind envisioning a future at the Forger household where everyone is greeting him with open arms, I’m not sure if he can see that far into the future or only Anya has that ability to look into his mind.

He later breaks his leash and protects Anya from Keith’s men and escapes with her safely, giving us the glorious first scene between these two best friends.

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