What Did The Mandalorian Make For Grogu? (The Armorer Gift)

What Did The Mandalorian Make For Grogu? (The Armorer Gift)

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Episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett is arguably the strongest episode of the series, even though it didn’t feature Boba Fett at all. That’s because this episode was literally the return of the Mandalorian named Din Djarin, who we know as the star of The Mandalorian. In one of the early scenes, Djarin had his Beskar spear melted down and told The Armorer to build something fit for a foundling, which we know is Grogu. So, what did the Mandalorian make for Grogu?

It is most likely that Din Djarin had a Mandalorian armor forged for Grogu, considering that the spear was large enough to have the right amount of Beskar steel to forge a small armor for The Child. While in a ship on the way to Tatooine, Djarin was holding a gift wrapped in the shape of Grogu’s head.

Considering that Grogu is a Mandalorian foundling, we can assume that Din Djarin treats him as a Mandalorian as well. As such, it is only right for a Mandalorian to have his own armor. And the most likely scenario is that Grogu will be sporting his own Beskar helmet, while whether or not he gets the rest of the armor is something that we are yet to find out.

What Was Forged For Grogu By The Armorer?

What Was Forged For Grogu By The Armorer?

The Book of Boba Fett gave us a treat when episode 5 was all about Din Djarin, who we know as the star of The Mandalorian. This episode showed us what Djarin had been up to ever since parting ways with Grogu, who is also called The Child or Baby Yoda. Of course, we see him by his lonesome doing a bounty to get information on the whereabouts of the remaining Mandalorians.

Din Djarin eventually found the rest of his Mandalorian sect hiding somewhere under the ringworld city of Glavis. As Djarin got his wound treated, The Armorer gave him a history lesson about the Darksaber that he now wields while also talking about the Night of a Thousand Tears. After that, she went on to talk about how Bo-Katan is a cautionary tale that Mandalorians tend to tell in relation to the Darksaber.

The Armorer also realized that Din Djarin was carrying a Beskar steel spear he received as a gift from Ahsoka Tano when they met during the events of season 2 of The Mandalorian. Djarin told her that the spear was capable of blocking a lightsaber. However, fearing that it might be used against the Mandalorians, The Armorer told Djarin that this was a dangerous weapon that did not fit a Mandalorian.

Agreeing with what The Armorer said, Din Djarin had the spear melted down. And when asked by The Armorer what he wanted her to forge with the Beskar steel from the spear, Djarin told her to forge something fit for a foundling.


‘The Mandalorian’: Why Is There a Bounty on Grogu?

In this case, the foundling that Din Djarin was talking about is none other than Grogu, who we affectionately call Baby Yoda. But what exactly did the Mandalorian have The Armorer forge for Grogu?

After getting expelled by The Armorer when he admitted that he had removed his helmet, Djarin commuted to Tatooine. On the ride to the desert planet, the Mandalorian was holding something that was wrapped in the shape of Grogu’s head.

Based on the clue, it can be presumed that Din Djarin had The Armorer forge a Mandalorian helmet for Grogu, considering that the gift wrap that he was holding was oddly shaped in The Child’s head. Of course, it could also be possible that it was not only the helmet that Djarin had The Armorer forge for Baby Yoda.

The Beskar spear that the Mandalorian once wielded is actually large enough to be made into an entire Mandalorian armor for someone as small as Grogu. While the spear may be too small for regular people, Grogu is just as small as a human infant. As such, it could be possible that Din Djarin also had an entire armor forged for Grogu, and not just a helmet.

Why Did The Armorer Make The Armor For Grogu?

In the events of season 2 of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin went to Tatooine to look for someone wearing a Mandalorian armor. This man was the lawman named Cobb Vanth, who was wearing Boba Fett’s missing armor. Now, it is important to note that Djarin was looking for Vanth because only Mandalorians were permitted to wear Mandalorian armor.

So, if only Mandalorians were permitted to wear Mandalorian armor, why was The Armorer more than willing to forge an armor for Grogu?
Going back to The Mandalorian season 2, after Djarin recovered Fett’s armor from Vanth, Boba himself made an appearance and asked the Mandalorian for his armor. At first, Din Djarin was not willing to part with the armor because only Mandalorians were allowed to wear the armor. Djarin did not believe that Fett himself was a Mandalorian.

However, when Din Djarin learned that Jango Fett, Boba’s father, was a Mandalorian foundling, it means that Boba himself is also a foundling by extension. As such, he was a Mandalorian as well and was allowed to wear the armor.

So, regarding our point about Grogu getting an armor, let us not forget that he was a Mandalorian foundling as well. This was stressed during the events of season 1 when The Armorer told Din Djarin that, as a foundling himself, it was his job to find the foundling Grogu’s people and return him to them.

Considering that Grogu is also a foundling, as Din Djarin mentioned to The Armorer in episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett when he said “something fit for a foundling” in relation to what he wanted to be forged out of the Beskar steel, we can make the presumption that Grogu himself is also a Mandalorian.

Remember that being a Mandalorian isn’t about being born on Mandalore to Mandalorian parents. One can be a Mandalorian as a foundling that was discovered by Mandalorians as well. In that case, Grogu himself is also a foundling. Being a foundling, he is a Mandalorian.

When Will Mandalorian Give Baby Yoda His Armor?

Why Is There a Bounty on Grogu (Baby Yoda)?

In the final events of episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett, Din Djarin told Fennec Shand that he wanted to pay a visit to a little friend before joining up with Fett’s crew in their battle against the Pykes.

If Din Djarin was referring to Grogu as the “little friend,” then we might end up seeing Grogu wearing his own Mandalorian armor as early as episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett. However, there is a chance that it might take longer than that if Djarin doesn’t end up meeting with Grogu for one reason or another.

Then again, if we want to be optimistic about the situation, then episode 6 should be the earliest that we will see Grogu. Of course, this includes Din Djarin giving him his own Mandalorian armor.

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