What Did Batman Inject Himself with in The Batman? (Is It Venom?)

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The Batman is a film that is full of easter eggs that you may be able to tie up with the other characters and villains present in the same universe. In that regard, there was a scene wherein Batman had to inject himself with what looked like a green liquid that allowed him to regain some of his strength in the final fight. So, what does Batman inject himself with in The Batman?

Batman most likely injected himself with an adrenaline shot that allowed him to get a rush of adrenaline in the fight against the Riddler’s henchman. However, it could also be a shot of Venom, which is a highly addictive compound that is often used by Bane to increase his strength incrementally.

It would be interesting if Batman did indeed inject himself with Venom because this opens up a plot in the story, especially when it comes to Bane. However, it might simply just be a shot of adrenaline that allowed him to finally get up after getting injured. So, let’s look at some of the different possibilities of what that injection might be.

Did Batman Inject Himself With Venom?

Like any other superhero film, The Batman is not short on action scenes that involve the caped superhero himself. Of course, considering that we are talking about a superhero movie here, one of the most important scenes of the movie included a fight scene where Bruce Wayne had to fight off a number of the Riddler’s henchmen to foil the villain’s plot.

In that fight, Batman was seen fending off most of the henchmen until he ran into one that shot him with a shotgun point-blank. While Batman was able to survive the shot because of his body armor, he ended up falling over the ledge and was hanging by an arm. It looked as if the hero was done for when the henchman was about to shoot him in the face with the gun to kill him.

However, just as when the goon was about to deliver the final blow, Selina Kyle came in to rescue the hero. She helped Batman escape from his precarious situation, as he was lying down while he and Catwoman were having a moment. But the good came in to spoil the moment as he ended up beating Selina Kyle while Bruce was lying helpless.


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Batman tried his best to get up and help Selina, but he couldn’t do so with whatever strength he had left. That was when he reached for a shot in his utility pouch and injected himself with what seemed to be a green fluid. In a quick moment, he was able to get back on his feet and was able to find the strength to beat the villain down and even have enough energy left to help some of the citizens survive the flooding of Gotham.

Considering that his green liquid seemed to be effective enough to give Bruce the strength and energy he needed at that very moment, does that mean that Batman injected himself with Venom?

For those who aren’t too aware of the lore behind Batman, Venom is actually a compound that has become a staple in the Batman universe. This is a substance that is highly addictive and is capable of increasing the user’s strength incrementally.

Of course, the most prominent user of Venom in the Batman universe is Bane, who is able to not only increase his mass but also strengthen himself by having a constant supply of Venom running through his veins through a system of tubes that are connected to his body.


The reason why the compound that Batman injected into himself could be Venom is the fact that it also bears the same greenish color that Venom has. Of course, as mentioned, he was able to strengthen himself in an instant after injecting himself with that substance.

It would be interesting if that green liquid is indeed Venom because of the fact that it allows the possibility of Bane entering the same universe as The Batman. Bane has always been one of the most prominent Batman villains, especially when it comes to the fact that he was one of the few villains that were able to literally and figuratively break the Bat.


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Then again, considering that the second installment of the film will most likely feature Hush, we don’t know how Bane would be able to play a role in the future of The Batman. Then again, in the animated movie version of Batman: Hush, it was actually Bane instead of Killer Croc that the movie opened with. 

So, if that holds true in the next installment of The Batman, we might see Bane entering the scenes instead of Killer Croc, considering that it would be easier to use Bane than a giant crocodile. And that could mean that the liquid that Batman injected himself could be Venom.

What Does Batman Inject Himself With?

While it might be possible that the liquid that Batman injected himself with is Venom, it could also be possible that it is simply a shot of adrenaline because, in some cases, adrenaline shots are shown to have a green color.

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Adrenaline shots are mostly used as first-aid solutions for those suffering from allergic reactions. However, because adrenaline is a stress hormone that can temporarily increase a person’s strength, focus, and energy in a fight or flight situation, it could be possible that the liquid that Batman used is simply adrenaline because the effects of adrenaline fit the description of what happened when Bruce injected himself with it.

Of course, one of the things that The Batman did well is how it is well-grounded on realism instead of fantasy and anything supernatural or beyond human. That means that it would be more realistic if the shot that Batman used was simply adrenaline because it would be more realistic that way. Still, there are some fans that are hoping that it is Venom because it opens up Bane’s appearance in any of the future installments of the movie series.

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